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Mampong Assembly To Use Biometric Clocking System

botchway June 25, 2018

From Sebastian R. Freiku

The management of the Mampong Municipal Assembly has decided to acquire a biometric clocking device to eliminate the less effective manual paper trail of workers time and attendance. 

The move is to enable the Assembly effectively monitor the reporting and departure time of staff.

The biometric clocking device records an employee or individual’s time of reporting to work when he clocks in by placing a finger on a space on the device.

The same process is repeated when the worker leaves office.

They are installed at a convenient location accessible to all, and the information on it cannot be forged.

The Municipal Chief Executive, Thomas Appiah Kubi, who disclosed this at the assembly’s management meeting of senior staff and heads of departments, noted that the high rate of absenteeism and time theft were negatively affecting the output of the general administration.

He said the departments were inter dependent on each other, so officers who do not come to work on time, and those who absent themselves unjustifiably, draw the administration, as a unit, back.

The Chief Executive regretted the situation where some workers come to work very late, and where one had to call them on phone at times before they would rush to the office, coupled with the situation where workers come to work in the morning and leave by 1:30 pm.

He stated that companies and government institutions want value for money and better solutions to measure actual working hours of their employees, hence the decision to resort to the biometric clocking device.

“At the end of every month we will print out the recordings from the device to actually know those who report to work on time and are punctual, and those who do not,” Appiah-Kubi disclosed.

The Municipal Coordinating Director, Mr. Joseph Aquaye Derben, also advised the house to ensure that their subordinates comply with the new directive when implemented.

He charged the entire staff to cooperate with management and embrace the proposed system to perfectly identify punctual staff for a change.

The MCD noted that the device would enable management to reward those who are punctual and punish recalcitrant ones.

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