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Can We End Accra Floods?

botchway June 21, 2018


From all indications it seems the perennial floods have no end in sight, especially in Ghana’s capital, Accra, as the least rain leaves parts of the capital inundated, alongside causing havoc to lives and properties.

Meanwhile, the country has just two weather conditions – harmattan (dry) and rainy season – for which it must have measures to curtail any challenges they may pose.

Regrettably, the country and its citizens are like the proverbial vulture, which says it will build its house when the rain stops, but never does so, they are never prepared or anticipate natural or made-made disasters, and are always taken by surprise when nature takes it course.

After the nation’s greatest tragedy of June 3, 2016, the fire and water disaster, no lessons have been learnt yet, and as a result people continue to battle with floods.

Monday, June 18, 2018, parts of Accra were once again submerged due to hours of rainfall that started around 8:00pm to 3:30am Tuesday morning.

Areas like Dansoman, Taifa, Achimota, Santa Maria, Teshie, Kaneshie, Abossy Okai and many others were nearly submerged by floods.

So far, the authorities have not come out with the number of people who lost their lives and properties, however, some reports say four people have disappeared, including a medical doctor.

Although governments, over the years, have not done much to prevent the occurrence of water disasters, the National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), with an oversight responsibility, in 2017 created an app to predict possible flooding for residents in flood-prone areas.

On the floods situation in Accra, experts have blamed it on wetlands that have been developed into residential settlements and dumping grounds.

Though the rainy season is almost halfway through (April-July), the Metrology Department has warned that more rains are expected in the coming days.


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