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So Many, So Soon For Comfort

botchway June 19, 2018

The Eye Sees But Not Itself; Except By Reflection –William Shakespeare

The failure or loss of political power is a gradual process whose climax comes on election day. It is sad, but may not be surprising that political leaders in government often feign ignorance that mere projects or social interventions are not enough to guarantee the next electoral victory. Many examples abound! After all, these are what taxes, national resources and other incomes are expected to be used for.

The character, behaviour, honesty, and integrity of the leaders, in the way and manner state businesses are conducted, are equally, if not, more important. Of course, it is also important to keep in line with the cost of living. The posturing of some of the political office holders in our national discourse is repulsive and irritating. They should not pretend those who disagree with them on national issues could always stand in error or lack understanding.

The allegations or perceptions about some appointees striking the much-condemned discord should not be entertained. Couldn’t things have been done devoid of controversies? Have they so soon forgotten where they came from?

In fact, we must nip in the bud the growing notion that all politicians are the same – they only take advantage of the socio-economic problems affecting the citizens to get into power, turn their backs, scorn them and greedily enrich themselves.

This is dangerous for our democracy.

Let public outcry be the reflection of our leaders, at least in critical national issues.

A stitch in time saves nine.



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