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GFD Organises Workshop For PWDs

botchway June 19, 2018

From Naabenyin Joojo Amissah

The Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations has organised a day’s capacity building workshop for some Persons Living With Disabilities (PWDs).

The workshop, which was held at the Paloma Hotel in Accra, was meant to brainstorm, share relevant ideas and explore employment opportunities in both the public and private sectors of the economy.

Mr Moses Fordjour, who is in charge of monitoring, evaluation and knowledge management at the Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations, was the main facilitator for the workshop.

The participants were taken through some basic necessities that employers always look out for in their quest to employ or recruit staff.

Addressing the participants, the facilitator, Mr Fordjour, advised them to endeavour to showcase their individual brilliance and special talents whenever they get the opportunity.

This, he said, would demonstrate and affirm to employers that disability is not inability, and also create opportunities for other PWDs to be considered for employment.

The participants comprised PWDs who are currently rendering their national service to the state, those on internship programmes, and those who have just completed tertiary education.

Some of them shared their experiences on the kinds of challenges they face in society, as well as the various places where they are doing their National Service.

They expressed concern about the fact that past and successive governments have failed to prioritise the employment of persons living with disabilities.

“You sometimes feel like committing suicide when you have to stay at home and depend on your parents after you have successfully completed the university,” a participant stated.

They, therefore, appealed to the government to have a strong policy that would ensure that competent and qualified PWDs would be given decent employment to make them self-sufficient.

In an interview with The Chronicle, Mr Moses Fordjour appealed to the general public to have a second look at persons with disabilities, and discard the negative impressions held about them.

He expressed the hope that the Ghana Federation of Disability Organisations will re-strategise and consider a campaign that would be aimed at educating the public to eradicate the erroneous impressions some people hold about PWDs.

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