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Dunkwa Chief Petitions President …Over Missing SGMC Assets

botchway June 19, 2018

From Sebastian R. Freiku, Dunkwa-on-Offin

The Chief of Dunkwa, Okofrobour Obeng Nuako III, has petitioned the President over alleged missing assets of the defunct State Gold Mining Company (SGMC).

At a press conference attended by the chiefs and elders of Dunkwa in the Upper Denkyira East Municipality of the Central Region, Nana Nuako raised concerns about the whereabouts of the assets of the defunct mining company.

Addressing a press conference at Dunkwa, Okofrobour Obeng Nuako III disclosed that the SGMC inherited a number of movable and immovable properties, including dredges, fully equipped machine workshop and electrical workshop, heaped precious sand, and later handed them over to Continental Goldfields Limited.

The Dunkwahene said when Continental Goldfields Limited went into agriculture, the then Minister of Mines and Energy, Prof. Fobi, revoked the permit of the mining company, after which two coordinators, Nana Otaa Panin II , Dabenhene of Dunkwa, and a representative of  the SGMC, Mr. George Arthur, were appointed to manage the properties of the company.

The Chief has, however, accused the two co-ordinators of conniving to sell the properties and the precious sand that contains gold dust, and also offered the company’s residential quarters to some individuals and pocketed the monies accruing without the knowledge of the Dunkwahene and his elders.

The Dunkwahene indicated that he once saw Mr. Arthur removing overhead electric cables from the poles, but when questioned, he claimed he was removing them for safe keeping at the mine’s store, but now the steel poles and the cables cannot be found.

The Chief said the mine’s workshop, which was equipped with machines, is currently empty, and suspects Mr. Arthur, who was once apprehended by the residents and handed over to the police for carting the precious sand one night, has a hand in the pilfering of the assets.

The Dunkwahene indicated that police have, since October 31, 2017, not taken any action.

He suggested that those assets at Dunkwa should be handed over to the chiefs and elders of Dunkwa for the benefit of the people, against the background that properties owned by the SGMC at Subin and Ampunyase have been taken over by the respective chiefs and elders.

Nana Nuako has called on the President to institute an investigation into the whereabouts of the assets of the defunct mining company before the youth of the area forcefully eject the caretaker of the SGMC’s assets.

According to the Dunkwa Chief, it is untenable for persons appointed to protect the properties to be actively involved in the illegal disposition of the same properties, and called for the removal from office as coordinators and ejected from the mine’s premises.

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