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botchway June 14, 2018


Cowbellpedia is an education programme that uses quiz competitions to promote the reading and learning of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana at the first and second cycle school levels.

This education programme is being organised in conjunction with the National Commission for Civic Education, which the Constitution empowers to educate the citizens on civic rights and responsibilities in Ghana.

The programme started in 2014 as the CowbellNCCE Constitution Quiz. Today, CowbellNCCE Constitution Quiz is rebranded as Cowbellpedia to entrench Cowbell’s belief and support to the NCCE for the promotion of reading and learning of the 1992 Constitution in schools.


The main purpose of Cowbellpedia is to promote the teaching and learning of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana in schools, so the pupils can know and understand their civic rights, as well as the laws guiding it.

Cowbellpedia will help bring the 1992 Constitution of Ghana closer to students as we empower them to become law-abiding citizens, and also agents of change in the country.

Cowbellpedia will enhance the ongoing efforts to educate the populace on many issues of national interest, from local government to the executive.


This ambitious educational programme needed many authorities to be involved. We are truly delighted with the support we got from the various institutions, assemblies, and individuals who actively worked to make it possible to run this quiz for the fourth time.

We would like to thank:

The National Chair of the NCCE, and the regional and district directors, who immediately saw the opportunity of promoting NCCE activities with Cowbellpedia. We also want to thank all heads of institutions that in many diverse ways have invested their institutions’ resources to make this programme grow to this level.



NCCE district directors and staff

GES district heads

Assembly men/woman

Head Teachers/Mistresses

We are very grateful to Lawyer Dan Afari Yeboah who has extremely been supportive in the growth of this quiz competition (Cowbellpedia) with his presence and participation as the most distinguished Quizmaster for decades in our land.

We are most grateful to the specific teachers and NCCE staff who have accepted the extra responsibility by sacrificing their private time to prepare these kids for the programme.


Cowbellpedia will happen in four stages at different locations.

The preliminary stage will take place at some selected schools within each zone, with an average of six schools to compete for the 1st and 2nd place to move to the quarterfinals stage.

The quarterfinals stage shall consist of 12 groups of six schools in each group, where, again, the 1st and 2nd schools from each will move to the semifinal stage.

The semifinals shall consist of six groups of an average of four schools per group, and here, it is only the first school which shall proceed to the finals


The finals shall have six schools coming to compete for the ultimate prize of GH¢10,000 in cash, products and souvenirs.


The quiz competition (Cowbellpedia) has been running since 2014 in the Ga Central Municipality, and has created awareness about the 1992 Constitution and the NCCE, among over 150,000 students as at 2017.

Currently, the quiz is on course with its growth and more schools’ participation agenda. This year Cowbellpedia will be organise in Kumasi to start the Ashanti Region project with some 30 schools. It won’t be long, we shall hit the other regions and achieve national coverage soon.

On this note I will like to pledge the support of nutritious Cowbell Milk to Cowbellpedia in our schools and districts. However, this pledge will only continue perpetually when you the influencers here, teachers and parents also continue to patronise Cowbell Milk and its delicious variants, which come in Cowbell Coffee, Cowbell Mocha, Cowbell Strawberry, Cowbell Choco Malt, Cowbell Coconut and the new prince on the block, Cowbell Gold…Energy for winners.

More info?

Please contact:

Joseph Ashong (Brand Manager, Promasidor Ghana Ltd.) 0204342011

Cynthia Anima (Ga Central District Director, NCCE) 0243559329

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