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Nyantakyi Ekyi; A Cleansing Time For Ghana

botchway June 12, 2018


Ghana has not yet woken up from the mortal shock that hit it over the mind-blowing revelations of the ‘Number 12’ exposé of the investigative journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas.

The video revealed widespread corruption, greed and national sabotage involving football officials going to every extent to satisfy their personal interests to the detriment of Ghana’s reputation internationally. It is very sad that these unscrupulous football people could do damage to a game that unites us all.

This tragedy has not only shaken the nation but brought international disgrace and a dent to the image of the country.

Kwesi Nyantakyi has risen and grown through the mill to reach such international heights, but allowed himself to be corrupted by financial considerations.

However, in all of these, it is Ghana that has lost a big opportunity to take delight in one of us being able to climb to the top echelons of world football. Ghana sacrificed a lot to groom Nyantakyi to the level he reached.

Our local league was deteriorating whilst the President was also pursuing his own agenda for power and recognition.

Much as most Ghanaians know about corruption under currents in the national game, nobody had the hard facts to put the football people to strict proof.

The Ghanaian media had also been highlighting corruption in football over the past years, but the Ghana Football Association (GFA) boss and his likes would ask where the evidence is?

Fortunately for us all, courtesy of Anas and his Tiger eye team, the evidence has been provided, and like a game of dominos, the accused football officials are falling one after the other.

The time for Ghana to purge itself is now. Nobody must be spared in the house cleaning exercise, and, for us at The Chronicle, heads must roll and lessons learnt. People of integrity and selflessness must be made to fill the void and bring the confidence of the international community back, not only in football arena, but all other sectors affected by this scandal.

The Chronicle poses a question to Ghanaians; “Nyantekyi ekyi, who next” (literally meaning, ‘after Nyantekyi, who next’).

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