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Chinese Invasion Of Our Resources Unacceptable

botchway June 11, 2018


The natural resources of every country are what makes them survive. It is also their natural pride and identity. It is these resources that shape and drive the developmental course of every country.

God has endowed Ghana with almost every natural resource, capable of making us one of the richest countries in the world, but, in spite of all these, we still wallow in deep poverty.

We have allowed ourselves to be invaded by foreigners, especially Chinese citizens, who have found greedy opportunities to dissipate our resources such as gold and bauxite with impunity.

Various media reports have depicted the extent of environmental devastation by these Chinese.

They have invaded Ghana’s water bodies, farmlands, forests and mining communities, scrambling for our priced assets, and destroying our environment with devastating alacrity.

Some of them pollute our water bodies with ‘chanfangs’ while engaging in the illegal act of illegal mining (galamsey). Others use excavators and other heavy equipment to maul our farmlands and forest bodies.

We cannot sit aloof whilst foreigners rob us of our natural resources and destroy our environment right in our faces with wanton greed. What is more pitiful is that a Ghanaian cannot go to China to engage in what they do here in our country.

To worsen the situation, reports allege complicity on the part of some traditional rulers, security agencies and state officials, who seem not to have any problem with selling Ghana’s ‘birthright for a morsel’. These greedy elements should be eliminated from the system for patriotism to rule.

Admittedly, Ghana is part of the global economic order, an eco-system designed to favour the rich countries and bind the hands of emerging and developing countries behind their backs, especially, African countries. Hence international relationships cannot be ignored.

However, The Chronicle wishes to assert that national pride and resources should not be sacrificed on the altar of cordial international relationships.

The time to stop this evil menace is now, otherwise, posterity will not forgive us.

God bless our homeland Ghana and make our nation great and strong.

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