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Leaked Statement Of Kwesi Nyantakyi Unfortunate -Adam Bonaa

botchway June 8, 2018

By Constantine Sowah


Security Analyst Mr Adam Bonaa has described the recent leaked statement of the President of the Ghana Football Association, Kwesi Nyantakyi, as unfortunate.

He made these remarks on TV3’s midday news on Wednesday.

According to Mr Bonaa, he believes that in the 21st Century, to have such a high-profile caution statement photocopied and leaked to the general public without recourse to the person who wrote and signed the statement, tells us how weak our systems are.

He blamed it on the lack of modernisation on the part of the Ghana Police Service, justifying that if they had more modern methods of capturing statements, it would be difficult for persons to tamper with tem.

“This should not have happened in the 21st Century time of policing. In other jurisdictions, there are use of tablets, computers and systems for persons who cannot write to speak for the system to transcribe whilst giving out your statement, which goes direct into a secured server, so whoever has access to the server would have to log in, and when you send a statement to a third party without authority, the system will pick you and necessary actions are taken against you,” he added.

The Chief Executive Officer of Security Warehouse Limited. also urged the government to invest more into policing. To him, if more resources are put into digitalising aspects of their security systems, matters of this nature will be a thing of the past. He observed that the person who might have leaked the statement has no business being within the Ghana Police Service or the Criminal Investigations Department. He also posed a question as to whether the statement was leaked out of mischief.

In distinguishing whether the statement leaked was a charged statement or a caution statement, the security expert and analyst educated viewers on the distinction between the two.

“The person has not been charged, a caution statement is different from being charged. If the police charge you, then there will be a charge statement for the police to support with their evidence and finally sent to court,” he explained.

A legal practitioner, Mr Bobby Banson, in a phone interview during the discussion, buttressed Mr Bonaa’s assertion that the statement supposed to have been sent to the court straight from the docket of the police shouldn’t have been leaked into the public domain. Therefore, it is imperative that the Police Service respond critically to clear their name.

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