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Nyamedua Foundation Award For Power Herbal Clinic

botchway June 4, 2018

From Sebastian R. Freiku

Power Specialist Herbal Clinic at Feyiase, near Kumasi, has received an award from the Nyamedua Foundation in recognition of years of dedicated service and priceless contribution to the growth and development of herbal medicine in Ghana.

The clinic was adjudged the Best Herbal Clinic for 2017 by the West African International press for having discovered a cure for Hepatitis B.

The Chief Executive Officer of Power Specialist Herbal Clinic, Dr. Akosua Adu Ayaa, indicated that much as herbal medicine will continue to play critical role in ensuring good health of Ghanaians, there is the need for more education of the people to be circumspect in what they buy and where they get their herbal medicines.

She explained that, her facility has a well-equipped laboratory to treat all kinds of ailments, with specialty on Hepatitis B, as well as ulcers, prostate and infertility.

According to her, herbal medicine has come to stay, unlike the previous past when it was linked to spiritualism and fetishism.




She admitted that there were some quack herbal practitioners, and urged the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to be up and doing to cleanse and sanitise the system.

Dr. Akosua Adu Ayaa explained her success story of the facility to effectiveness, truthfulness and reliability.

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