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All About Ingratitude, Dishonesty And Insincerity

botchway June 4, 2018

Former President Jerry John Rawlings made some strong statements and took a swipe at God Almighty when he was formally informed of the death of Mamaga Awusi Sreku III of the Mepe Traditional Area.

He described former President J.A. Kufuor as evil, and former President Mahama as a rogue, and went to serve notice to God that if he meets them in Heaven, he would ask to be allowed to spank them. If the two are not thrown out of Heaven, Rawlings would opt for hell because he cannot stay in the same place with them.

It is very blasphemous to think that Heaven is a right for some people, and, Lord have mercy, for such people do not know what they are saying.

For Rawlings to call President J.A. Kufuor an evil person is the most ungrateful thing he could have done. When he and his wife were rejected by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) during the Sunyani primaries, and when it became obvious that they had no place in the party they founded, was it not JAK who gave welcomed them with good shelter and made them feel at home?

Ex-President Rawlings refused to partake in Ghana’s 50th Anniversary celebration for all the childish and petty reasons, but when he was almost kicked out of the NDC, he was found at a function to inaugurate the Kufuor Foundation.

It is really sad that whenever Rawlings feels excited he always has a way of making statements unrelated to the occasion. Feeling very embarrassed about the fact that he could not improve the living standards of his own kinsmen of the Volta Region after nineteen years as Head of State, Rawlings would want to blame the moon for his own inefficiency.

There is a problem about the Volta Region and Rawlings is not helping matters, especially when he blames its underdevelopment on the eight years of the Kufuor regime.

Recently, there was a feature on the Kpeve market, which is in such a deplorable state. While the District Chief Executive (DCE) has promised to make sure that the market is transformed and modernised; we hear locals saying that they are rallying for a demonstration against the government if nothing is done soon.

Very hypocritical on the part of the people of Kpeve, because the poor state of the market did not happen in 2017, but, certainly, during the eight years of the NDC regime. Why did they not demonstrate their anger during that era, but choose to do so now and blame this new regime, which had nothing to do with market’s deplorable state?

In some communities, people would keep silent over all forms of mess during the NDC regime, but jump and attack the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for sitting there and doing nothing.

This takes us to Sogakope and the bridge. This bridge started deteriorating fast during the era of the NDC regime, and so was the Adomi Bridge. What is very incomprehensible is that when the NDC government picked Adomi Bridge for repairs, one would have thought that the Sogakope Bridge would also be added. Even assuming the government forgot all about that bridge, it was the responsibility of the assembly, chiefs and people of the area to draw its attention to that.

This was not done, and cracks and potholes started appearing on the bridge’s passageway. Adomi was repaired with lightings system that appeared in space, and yet no one mentioned Sogakope until the NPP government was formed.

After a few casualties on the bridge, some elders in Tongu are ready to draw swords and attack this government, blaming it for irresponsibility and callousness. These elders and opinion leaders are all over social media calling the government names and blaming it for the recent death of a 22/23 year old man.

This man was having a motor ride that fatal evening when he had a head on collision with another bike. He was thrown off and his head smashed into the pedestrian walkway railings. Why he did not put on a crash helmet is another question. Now we are told the motorbike was avoiding a pothole and so had head-on collision with another. Anyone who frequently plies on bad roads would go it gentle and cool, knowing the hidden harzards, but it is obvious one of the riders was speeding like there was no tomorrow, and suddenly met this pothole and had to swerve aside, only to crash into the other. And another road rule might have been violated; one of the riders was obviously riding on the wrong side.

Instead of interrogating what actually caused the accidents, the people of Tongu are being gingered up to demonstrate against the government and attack anything NPP, as one of the opinion leaders planned to on social media. In fact, he implied that an NPP person gave him information about the accident, and added that it had nothing to do with the condition of the bridge, which was in a good shape, and so that person should possibly be hunted and lynched.

Why all this against the NPP government in the Volta Region. In some pages of this paper, I would start a four-part feature on the Trans Volta Togoland because of some agitations against the NPP government; firstly, on the need to secede, and secondly on the need for leaving the Volta Region intact.

When then President Mahama spoke to Voltarians about his intention of splitting the region, he was hailed for good thinking. But when the NPP regime, also, following a campaign promise of splitting the region, said so, it is all war as declared by some hotheads, urged on by some elders and opinion leaders.

This is gross hypocrisy, insincerity, dishonesty and nation wrecking.

We need to forge unity at all levels, including political, as Kenya has recently done.

Hon. Daniel Dugan

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