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Is old Age Worrying Rawlings Or It Is Intentional?

botchway June 3, 2018

His Excellency Former President Jerry Rawlings

Dear Editor, it sometimes boggles my mind when I hear or watch ex-President JJ Rawlings incessantly chastising and accusing his party faithful(s), as well as his successors, for unfounded corruption and thievery allegations, to the extent of labeling them evil.

Citing gory events from the revolutionary era, where we all saw what he and his accomplices did in the name of cleansing the bad image of the military, which was in a form a coup d’état. Innocent lives were lost and market women were even flogged and brutalised in broad daylight.

People’s properties were illegally confiscated, and, up to now, these assets have not been accounted for. Some families are yet to come to terms over their tortured and missing relatives. Yet, after assuming political office for decades, what did we see during his regime?

I won’t talk about his recent revelation about the late Nigerian dictator Saani Abacha’s stolen money he gave to him. When this issue came up during his tenure, he blatantly denied it. Sometimes, he talks and you wonder what kind of leader he is, the “holier than thou” kind?

Fast forward, now that he is a statesman, and thus the need to exercise decorum in his utterances, it seems JJ does not know what to say and where to say it. Rather, he talks with no guard. Sometimes, he comes back to swallow his own words. It’s appalling and extreme shameful when you see someone who is supposed to be a role model for some of us, almost always goofing big time in the media fraternity.

It’s about time someone he respects a lot pinches and advices him on public speeches and utterances. His “boom” submissions and reckless remarks about his peers do not speak well of him. He should just allow God to judge them. I will conclude by reminding him what Christ Jesus said to those who wanted to lynch a harlot to death in the Holy Book, and I quote:

“Let he without sin cast the first stone (John 8:7)”. Edem Latsu Nukafu, North Kaneshie

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