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Osudoku Chief Appeals To Natives To Shun Litigation

botchway May 21, 2018

From Inusa Musah

Aadegbor Ngmogmowuyaa Kwesi Animle VI, Paramount Chief of the Osudoku Traditional Area, has advised natives of the area to invest their monies in advancing developmental projects in the area.

Lack of good roads, health facilities, jobs, et al, have weighed down the Osudoku Traditional Area, and being one of the most deprived traditional areas in the Greater Accra Region, Aadegbor Animle VI wondered why an area with affluent natives would continue to pay huge service charges to lawyers and judges to litigate over family lands.

Addressing the chiefs and people of his area at this year’s annual Paramount Stool Purification Durbar, at Osuwem, he said: “I would like to advise my people to stop enriching lawyers and judges over land disputes, which can amicably be settled by the Traditional Council. Their ‘benevolence’ is making their backyard poorer and poorer and marking time.”

Land litigation has been one of the major challenges impeding development in the Greater Accra Region, and to overcome this hurdle, 16 sub-chiefs were inducted at the durbar to constitute a Land Management Committee for the amicable settlement of land disputes.

This was a fulfilled promise by Aadegbor Animle VI in his address during last year’s celebration of the Osudoku Aadegbor Festival.

“I want all land cases to be withdrawn from the court for amicable settlement at home. I was very careful in the selection of the members of the committee, so as to ensure that people would have confidence in it,” the Paramount Chief said.

Last year, the chiefs and people of the traditional area re-launched their annual Aadegbor Festival with the enforcement of the customary rites of the area.

The festival is celebrated every September, but to precede it, the Traditional Council ensured that this year, everybody adhered to its order on the ban on drumming and noise-making, which started in February and ended in May, for the purification of the Paramount Stool.

Following the successes in last year’s celebration, the chiefs and people of Osudoku Traditional Area have resolved to nurture the Aadegbor Festival to become one of the biggest traditional festivals in Ghana.

Based on this, Aadegbor Animle VI cautioned churches especially, to abide by the rites of the area, to avoid any confrontations in the future.

Additionally, he warned that their ancestral home would continue to be a sacred place for the fetish priest and stool elders who would go there to perform customary rites.

“Nobody should, henceforth, organise any activity at the Osuyom,” Aadegbor Animle VI warned his subjects.

Drawing the curtain down, Aadegbor Ngmogmowuyaa Kwesi Animle VI appealed to his people to bury their differences and forge ahead in unity for the accelerated development of “the under-developed corner of Ghana.”


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