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Life International College Graduates 38 Students

botchway May 21, 2018

Life International College, a second cycle school at Mataheko in the Kpone-Katamanso District, has held its fifth Speech and Prize-Giving Day and Graduation for 38 students in Form Three.

Outstanding students in academic and non-academic fields, from Forms One to Three, were awarded certificates and educational materials at the event, which was held on the theme: ‘Raising the 21st Century Leader: The Impact of Christian Schools’.

Guest speakers on the day included Issah Adam, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), GN Banks, Reverend Fitzgerald Odonkor, President, Harvest International Ministry, Morgan Asiedu, Executive Director of ECOBANK and Chairman of Ghana Scripture Union, and Bishop Gordon Kisseh, President of Life International Schools.

The various speakers observed that the moral decadence in the Senior High Schools (SHSs) could be blamed on society, school and parents, who have collectively failed to monitor and check the kind of friends their children make, as well as what the children are engaged in, in privacy.

The society, school and parents have, over the years, failed to respect the investments they make in their wards’ education, and so, have relegated their responsibilities to children. In some cases, parents leave teachers and society to take up their (parents) responsibilities.

Last, but not the least, lack of healthy relationship between students and teachers, parents and society, have largely contributed to the moral rot in raising the 21st Century leader, the speakers identified.

However, the various speakers said, at Life International College, students, teachers and parents benefit from the Christian values and norms, which are the core values of the school.

Therefore, teachers are confident and courageous to punish a student who violates any school rule, as only a teacher with an immoral character is afraid to punish an equally immoral student.

Therefore, with a dedicated staff, students in Life International College receive the best to achieve their full potential in academic, social and religious life.

The graduands, on this note, were encouraged to take advantage of opportunities that come their way, by making good friends and respecting the culture of others.

Ghana needs future leaders with strong moral character and values, hinged on the conformity of the word of God and the nation, for excellence in national development, Issah Adam, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), GN Banks, said.

He challenged the students to find opportunities to serve their communities to serve as exemplary lifestyles to their younger ones at home.

Reverend Fitzgerald Odonkor, President, Harvest International Ministry, also said both teachers and parents should respect each other, assume their responsibilities, and relate very well the shared values and ambitions of their wards, for the strong foundation of educational institutions.

Morgan Asiedu, Executive Director of ECOBANK, and Chairman of Ghana Scripture Union, said, “As you go out, have respect for God, parents, teachers and the elderly, and learn to take responsibilities for your actions, as you journey into the tertiary education.

“You should build healthy relationships with responsible persons and persons with like minds.”

Bishop Dr Gordon Kisseh, President of Life International Schools, recalled the struggles the school had to go through when it started in 2008 with three students.

Since then, he said, the successes students from the school are chalking in their various tertiary institutions are enormous.

The college would be celebrating its 10th Anniversary in 2019, and Bishop Kisseh announced that plans are far advanced to give the school a major facelift by next year.

He thanked parents for standing with the school from its troubling beginnings to this time, when, he said, the school is not indebted to any financial institution.


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