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Cheating In The Party Is Too Much …Its Democratic Tenets Must Come Back -Nana Kwabena Prempeh

botchway May 16, 2018


From Sebastian R. Freiku, Kumasi

Nana Kwabena Prempeh, Darmang Branch Chairman of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) of the Effiduase/Asokore Constituency in the Ashanti Region, has appealed to the leadership of the party to be active and properly direct its affairs in a more democratic manner.

Nana Prempeh, who was also a Zonal Chairman of the NDC in the Effiduase/Asokore Constituency, described the leadership and membership of the party as being under the spell of hypnotism, because, currently, the party seems to belong to former President Mahama and his Unity Walk engineers.

According to him, the spell of alleged hypnotism has made it difficult for the leadership and membership to bluntly and honestly speak on the issues and help build a proper democratic culture to reflect the name of the party. “The cheating in the party is too much, and all do not like it,” he stressed.

The party executive observed that the presidential aspirants were aware of the schemes to impose former President Mahama on the party and said this does not promote democracy. He said the NDC, as a party, cannot sacrifice and bring on board and allow money to influence their positions.

The branch Chairman indicated that those money bags in the party are rather promoting “dictatorship”, fear and an unwarranted culture of silence in the party, instead of helping to firmly promote and build democracy, and called for an end to such undemocratic tactics, which will bring about total disaffection and hatred in the party.
Nana Prempeh said the leadership of the party must be told the blunt truth, and provide a level playing ground for all the aspirants to campaign for their aspirations.

He said the Unity Walk of the party must be restructured and made more democratic in nature.

According to Kwabena Prempeh, the supporters and sympathisers of Dr. Ekwow Spio Garbrah, comrades Alban Sumanu Bagbin, Prof. Joshua Alabi, Sylvester Mensah and other presidential aspirants of the party are not happy with the current situation, because they (supporters) may also have their own dissatisfaction, reservations, discontentment and bad feelings about the situation, hence, the need to restructure the party and promote democracy to avoid apathy voting, which would eventually weaken the party towards an envisaged collapse.

Pix: Nana Kwabena Prempeh, NDC branch Chairman

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