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NPP Youth Group Opposes Appointment Of Deputy Regional Organiser

botchway May 11, 2018


From William Nlanjerbor Jalulah, Bolgatanga

The decision of the elected Upper East Regional executive of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) to appoint Addi Theodore Tangomne Deputy Regional Organiser of the party has incurred stiff opposition from a section of the youth of the party.

Mr Anthony Namoo, NPP Regional Chairman, last week appointed six individuals of the party to deputise some elected executives. Introducing the appointed officers, the Chairman stated: “Pursuant to Article 7(4)a of the New Patriotic Party’s Constitution, the following persons have been appointed by the elected regional officers of [the] Upper East Region.”

They included Deputy Regional Organiser, Addi Theodore Tangomne (Navrongo Central), Deputy Regional Women Organiser, Mariama Abakisi (Builsa North), Regional Financial Secretary, Abinbana George Ayitinya (Builsa South), Regional Electoral/Research Officer, Amadu Mogtar Bagya (Bawku Central), Regional Communications Officer, Aganah Randy Adarikina (Bolga East) and Regional Deputy Nasara Coordinator, Alhaji Issah Seidu (Bawku West).

However, Agambila Fund Club, a youth group of the NPP based in Bolgatanga, has opposed the appointment of Addi Theodore Tangomne as Deputy Regional Organiser.

According to the club, the position should have been given to Charles Ndanbon who contested for the Organiser’s position, but lost to the incumbent by seven votes.

Addressing journalists in Bolgatanga on Monday, the Secretary of the club, Adugbire Solomon, expressed surprise that the executive could appoint someone who did not contest for any position and neglect Mr. Ndanbon who contested but lost.

The youth stated that they had approached the Regional Chairman, Mr. Namoo, to consider appointing Mr. Ndanbon to the position, but the Chairman rejected their proposal with the explanation that Mr. Ndanbon cannot be appointed to the executive position, since he [Chairman] and Mr. Ndanbon hail from the same constituency, Nabdam.

But responding to the concerns of the club members, Chairman Namoo said: “Our party’s constitution, after the election at the regional level, we have seven more appointments to make for the deputies. …Now, the constitution also enjoins the executive to ensure that the appointments reflect the diversity and national character of the party. So, even though you have the power to appoint, the power is not absolute, it has to reflect the diversity of the party in the region.”

He explained that after the recent regional executive election, three people were elected in the Bawku zone – Organiser from Pusiga, 2nd Vice Chairman from Bawku Central and Women’s Organiser. In the Central Zone, he was elected Chairman from Nabdam, 1st Vice Chairman from Bongo, Treasurer from Bongo, Secretary from Bongo and Youth Organiser also from Bongo, while the Assistant Secretary and Nasara Coordinator are also from the Central Zone.

He observed that in the Eastern Zone, which encompasses Navrongo, Chiana/Paga, Builsa North and Builsa, no one won any position.

“So, in our appointments, we have to take cognisance of the results. So, when the executive met, I had to give this explanation, because the party is a public party and the people have the right to know what goes in. So, we decided that we take three to the Western Zone, where nobody was elected, and we take three to the Eastern Zone where we have six constituencies, but only three people coming from there.”

Chairman Namoo added that the only one person in the Central Zone was appointed Director of Communications.

He assured that Mr. Ndanbon who is well known in the party and has held various constituency positions, would be fully involved in major activities and programmes to be undertaken by the party in the region.

Meanwhile, Mr. Ndanbon has expressed dismay at the youth club for raising their displeasure in the public domain.

According to him, if he had a hint of their intention to hold a press conference on the matter, he would have advised them to stop it. He explained that if he was interested in pushing for the appointment, he would have done so before the appointments were made, and not to have waited and come out after the announcement.

He, therefore, advised his supporters to stay calm and allow party structures to work. They should also give the new leaders the needed support to carry out their mandate, and not to interfere in their work.


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