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Green Architecture Is The Way To Improve Environment -Architects Advised

botchway May 10, 2018

By Bernice Bessey

The newly-appointed President of Ghana Institute of Architects (GIA), Richard Dabey, has advised members of the association to shift their attention to green architecture to improve upon the environment.

Speaking at an awards ceremony, he said that green architecture is the sure way for a sustainable architecture, since it focuses on buildings with improved ventilation, and allows adequate sunlight into the rooms.

With sustained architecture, there would be a significant reduction on households’ and companies’ dependency on electricity to power air conditioners to keep the rooms cool.

He was so concerned about negative human activities that continue to increase the incidence of climate change, which is evident in the desert moving southwards.

Mr. Dabey said to ensure green architecture is enforced, the association would be collaborating with the government in that direction.

Currently, he said, the association is engaging the district assemblies to have, at least, one architect helping with their day-to-day infrastructural designs.

He said the country has only1,000 architects to serve the entire population, but strongly believes that the people should make good use of them.

The GIA President also warned the country against maintaining over-aged buildings, adding that any building over 30 years has lived beyond its structural strength, and must be renovated, else stands the chance of collapsing.


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