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“My ass is not fake” -Moesha tells critics

botchway May 8, 2018

Actress and photo model Moesha Boduong has finally replied critics who claim her buttocks is fake.
Moesha has been under attack for some weeks now following her interview on CNN’s “Sex & Love Around the World” show with Christiane Amanpour.
In the interview, she said that she funds her ‘ostentatious’ lifestyle through such activities since the acting jobs are not really paying.
Moesha further blamed some of her lifestyle choices on the Ghanaian economy. She claimed the economy isn’t doing well to support hard work, therefore, the need to do other ‘businesses’ aside.
Her comments caused an outrage on and off social media with many bashing her. Among the top people who condemned her included veteran actress Grace Omaboe who claimed her butts is artificial.
But, Moesha has denied those claims. According to her, her butt is natural. She was responding to recent viral videos and pictures of her ‘small butts’ on Instagram when she cleared the air saying, “You know me for a very long time, I was a girl on Viasat 1 that wanted to be Beyonce, so pathetic, my ass is not fake.”

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