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Soldiers to demolish death-trap Kaiser flats

botchway April 17, 2018

From Inusa Musah, Tema
The Tema Development Company (TDC) Limited has contracted 48 Engineers, a construction firm of the Ghana Armed Forces, to pull down four death-trap blocks at the Kaiser lats, Tema Community ‘4’.
The affected flats are Blocks 407, 408, 410 and 415. The demolition exercise, which is scheduled to begin this month, would be carried out in four phases.
There were 60 families occupying the four flats and evacuating them was a peaceful exercise, after the Tema Development Company (TDC) Limited secured a Tema High Court judgement to remove the occupants.
Having evacuated tenants, the next phase of the demolition to be carried out include salvaging of materials, bringing down the structures, sorting out materials, carting away debris and the knocking down of the flats, which would be managed to avoid secondary disasters, Edward Mensah Sanjok, TDC Supervisory Civil Engineer, told a section of the media in Tema.
The exercise would be carried out with National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), Ghana Police Service (GPS), Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS), National Ambulance Service, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Gemini Life Insurance Company (GLICO), which would provide insurance cover to third party injury damages.
“This is going to be a careful demolition and we intend to finish in three months time,” Edward Mensah Sanjok explained.
In the 1960s, 14 storey blocks with 85 apartments were put up and called the Kaiser Flat, to accommodate workers in the industrial area, but due to lack of proper maintenance most of the flats have developed cracks, which pose threat to life and property. Besides, rusty iron rods are dangerously exposed, with some peeling off.
Based on this, the demolition is necessary, after which the TDC Development Company Limited would re-develop a scheme planned for a newer Kaiser Flats.

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