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Police commended for swift response to “double salary” saga

botchway April 16, 2018

From Sebastian R. Freiku, Kumasi
Nana Nanabanyin Ninsin-lmbeah II, a former Secretary of the Kumasi Metropolitan Central Coordinating Committee of Workplace CDRs, has praised the Ghana Police Service for the swift move it made to investigate the allegation of double salary against some appointees of the previous administration and some law makers of the current Legislature.
The ex-Nyimfahen of the Mfantseman Council in Ashanti, urged the Police to also investigate why the Controller & Accountant General’s Department repeatedly made such serious mistakes by allowing people to freely draw monies from the National kitty without justification.
According to Nanabanyin Ninsin-Imbeah, those Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Legislators who are currently under investigation for allegedly taking double salaries, must be considered as thieves and banned from holding any Public Office for life, if it is duly established that they took double Salaries, to serve as a deterrent to others and to inject some administrative discipline and decency into state institutions.
The Ex-Chief, who acted on the dictates of Article 41(f) of the 1992 Constitution and exposed a similar occurrence, sometime ago in the Rawlings administration, recounted how he was nearly jailed in 1994 when he was arrested and charged with “Revealing State Secrets”.
He said but for the defence put up by his team of Lawyers, the late A. K. Mmieh, ex-President of the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) and the late Obeng Manu Senior, as well as lawyers Nana Addo Darkwa Akufo-Addo, current President of the Republic of Ghana, Kwame Boafo, immediate Past Lay President of the Methodist Church of Ghana and eleven other Lawyers, who compelled the Attorney General’s department to enter a plea of  “Nolle prosequi” for his acquittal and discharge.
The Senior Cadre condemned such alleged repeated acts where people draw unwarranted salaries from the national kitty, even though there are seasoned Accountants and reputed Auditors at the Controller & Accountant General Department.
He said the continued occurrence smacks of suspicion of these accountants and auditors sleeping on their jobs and allowing such unpardonable slips to occur to the detriment of the nation. He said: “It is time we stop the politicisation of every issue and seriously address the rot and glaring mistakes that we are confronted with as a Nation and build very solid foundation for some of the institutions, so that we make a desirable progress”.

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