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ECG reduces power outages in Tema

botchway April 16, 2018

From Inusa Musah, Tema
Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG), Tema Region, is ready with 23 sub-stations to reduce energy losses.
By this, customers will not experience power outage for more than two hours, because as soon as their main power station goes off, a proximity sub-station would be switched on to provide electricity to the customers, whilst the fault on their main service station is rectified.
The good news the 23 sub-stations brings to the customers of the Tema ECG, again, is that they would still have stable power supply should stormy winds blow, or during a heavy downpour.
In the past, electricity supply in the Tema ECG region cut or fluctuated when dark clouds gathered or there was a heavy downpour.
Then, the ECG had only eight sub-stations for the entire Tema region, and so the extensions of the ECG supply lines were very long, from one station to the other, thus, truncating power supply when strong winds blew.
“With the readiness of these 23 sub-stations, what it means is that we are going to have short lines from one sub-station to the other for efficiency. The stations will be connected with pre-insulation and conduction of lines which do not go off,” Emmanuel Appoe, Tema Regional ECG Engineer, told The Chronicle.
Another development the Tema Regional ECG has introduced the use of the earth as its cut off fuse to prevent electrical accidents.
The ECG, by this, advised that any fallen ECG cable should not be tampered with, as well as staying away from the diameter of the fallen cable to avoid electrocution.
Mr Appoe advised all households to get their earthing corrected to save their properties from any energy leakages that could cause fire or electrocution, which could result in deaths.
Meanwhile, the Tema ECG has intensified its unannounced house-to-house inspection for energy theft.
So far, the company has collected GH¢6 million of over GH¢9 million from 97 customers who, in 2017, engaged in illegal connection. The energy theft suspects were domestic, commercial and industrial customers, who stole energy either by tampering with the meter or bypassed it.
Going forward, the ECG believes that its smart meters would solve the frequent energy thievery across the country, as it could easily pick signals should a customer tamper with the meter.
In view of this, the ECG has started replacing its old meters with the new smart ones, and with these new meters, customers who have complaints on the workings of the gadget would only need to send to the ECG the number of their meter and location for the company to follow up to rectify the fault.
Unlike its old meters, customers who use the smart meters need not stay home to receive the ECG, as the meter number and location are enough to get the technical team of the company to the destination to correct the glitch on the meter.

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