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NLA to create 60,000 jobs by 2022 …under new reforms

botchway April 14, 2018

The National Lottery Authority (NLA) plans to create about 60,000 jobs over the next four years, as it introduces 30,000 e-kiosks to cover all polling stations. The provision of e-kiosks would provide value added services in the payment of utility bills, besides the sale of lottery products, and ensure that NLA products get closer to patrons and further serve as a source of income generation for national development. Mr. George Addo-Yobo, Director of Sales at NLA, made these disclosures in Accra recently, during an encounter by the board and management with the media, which discussed licensing and security deposits under the new reforms. Mr. Addo-Yobo announced that the NLA had adopted new reforms to sanitise the lottery industry and generate revenue for development across the country. As part of the reforms, he said taxes on commission for Lotto Marketing Companies (LMCs) and wins had been removed. He said the NLA has engaged lotto operators, agents, writers and LMCs in deliberations, which endorsed a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with private lotto operators for adoption in an Action Plan. These, he said, include payment of licensing and security deposit fees for all lotto operators, agents and writers, depending on which categories they belong to. It is expected that the partnership, under the PPP, would create a win-win situation for the NLA and private lotto operators, who, had hitherto, been a bane to the NLA where activities of illegal lottery operators robbed the nation of revenue needed for development, which situation was explained in the fact that police swoops had failed to contain the situation over the years. Mr. Addo-Yobo also indicated that by the PPP concept the platform for money laundering would be dislodged. The Director of Sales said, however, that the PPP would depend on a coherent database for which operators have been asked to register with the NLA before April 30, 2018, after which deadline those who fail to register would face the law. He said 116,140 and 7,492 operators, agents and writers respectively have so far been registered, and that the NLA would not entertain applications in relation to the registration of private lotto operators after the deadline barely three weeks from now. Director Addo-Yobo explained that registered operators would be identified by ID cards, besides the issuance of licences and the use of marked kiosks and coupons. According to him, the NLA would also deploy a team and lotto police officers to monitor players of the industry to avoid abuse of the reforms, which are intended to bring sanity in the industry. As a result of consensus reached by the leadership of the stakeholders, Mr. Addo-Yobo said lotto operators would pay an operating fee of GH¢1 million, in addition to a security deposit of GH¢5 million The agents, classified into three categories of A, B, and C, would pay licencing fees of GH¢5,000, GH¢3,000, and GH¢2,000 respectively. Category A and B lotto writers would pay GH¢120 and GH¢60, while existing LMCs pay an annual renewable licence fee of GH¢100 Mr. Addo-Yobo also said incoming LMCs would pay licence and security deposit fees according to the category they belong to. The NLA director further announced that the NLA also intends to establish a Lottery Advisory Bureau to advise winners on the prudent use of wins, or how best to invest their fortunes, adding that 15 banks are to be engaged by NLA in its operations. The NLA, the Sales Director disclosed, would soon introduce another lottery product ‘Game for Life’, in which winners from periodic draws are rewarded for life. According to him, the working documents are almost complete for take-off by the third quarter of this year.

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