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Devastating winds destroy canoes, boats

botchway April 14, 2018

Compiled by Alfred Adams
Last Tuesday’s devastating winds that swept through the City of Sekondi Takoradi caused damage to properties, particularly, those belonging to fishermen at the Sekondi Fishing Harbour.
Canoes, numbering about 30, and 10 fishing boats that had docked at the Fishing Harbour were reported to have had their fair share of the havoc wrecked by the strong winds.
Hitherto, strong winds were always reported to have torn off roofing sheets and destroyed plantation, but this time round, fishermen at the Sekondi Fishing Harbour had their fair share of the havoc.
When news first hit the social media about the destruction caused to the canoes and fishing boats, people did not believe it until pictures started emerging in the late evening.
The pictures showed that apart from canoes and boats that were destroyed, fishing nets and generators were also affected, but no life was lost.
One of the fishermen the Western File spoke to expressed shock over the development. According to him, the manner in which his canoe was destroyed underscored the devastating effect of the gale.
“I was not at sea when the stormy winds started, but later when I went to check on my canoe and realised it had been torn into pieces, my conclusion was that the storm was devastating.”
The winds started on Tuesday dawn, and swept through the City of Sekondi Takoradi damaging food crops and plantations.

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