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Man missing in Alavanyo-Nkonya killing fields

botchway April 11, 2018

From Samuel Agbewode, Nkonya-Tayi.
Tension is once again mounting between the Nkonya and Alavanyo people, following the alleged abduction of a 37 year old man, David Adae.
The latter went to farm on March 24, 2018 and has since not returned. There are strong suspicions that the farmer has been abducted and murdered by the Alavanyo people.
Narrating the incident to The Chronicle at Nkonya-Tayi, the Assembly Member for the area, Mr. Cosmos Sarpong said the family of the missing person became restless when he failed to return from his farm.
According to him, around 10pm on that fateful day, Addae’s girlfriend received a strange call from the phone of her missing boyfriend, which made them believe that their subject had been abducted and killed on his farm.
Mr. Sarpong further told The Chronicle that the person who called Adae’s girlfriend told her that her husband to be had been captured and that he was in the custody of ‘Sasabosam’ and she would, therefore, not see him again.
The assembly member said immediately the lady narrated the story to him, he also informed the chiefs and the family of the missing person who also reported the case to the police at Nkonya.
According to him, the tradition of Nkonyas demands that when a person gets missing, a search should be conducted for seven days, after which the missing person would be considered dead if he or she was not found.
A police source at the Nkonya police station confirmed the story and said the case was reported to the police and that investigation was underway.
According to the police, an informant had alleged that the missing person had been kept in a room in the Alavanyo area, but when they went there to conduct a search, he was not found.
The Biakoye District Chief Executive, Madam Comfort Atta, who doubles as the District Security Council (DISEC) Chairperson also told The Chronicle that when the matter was reported to the police, DISEC held a meeting and deliberated on the matter, after which they tasked the police to conduct thorough investigation into the latest development.
The DCE, however, noted that the nature of the conflict clearly showed that it was not about land but a retaliatory act from both sides.
She said when a citizen from one side gets missing the other side would also make sure somebody had gone missing from the former’s side.
It would be recalled that somewhere in November 2017, the Alavanyo people celebrated ‘Sasadu’ festival and during the celebration, they alleged that one of the citizens got missing and all attempts to find him after days of searching proved futile.

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