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Akrobeto, Kumchacha battle over who speaks better English

botchway April 11, 2018

Akrobeto was reading news as he always does on UTV channel, when he invited Prophet Kumchacha via a telephone call into the programme for his view on an issue.
In the interview, Kumchacha first sought to clear the air on some vices he had been tagged with. He said in English: “Oh no no no! Me Kumchacha I didn’t kill somebody, steal his or her food and money, but only just drinking and smoking wee and cigarette.”
Akrobeto responded by saying that: God would not give his spirit to him like he claims because he speaks bad English.
This comment infuriated Kuchacha who responded: “I speak good English better than you, I speak American ‘slance’ [accent].”
In what seems like a battle to be heard in the English language, Akrobeto refused to accept Kumchacha’s comment that he speaks better English and, therefore, cut the telephone interview.
Prophet Kumchacha’s English has often been a matter of laughter to the general public. However, the two personalities “fighting” over who speaks better English proves that they both need “Obinim sticker” to help them improve their fluency in the language.
Credit: yen.com.gh

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