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Charge killer drivers for manslaughter -JJ

botchway April 10, 2018

From Samuel Agbewode, Dagbamate
Ex President Jeremiah John Rawlings has advocated that drivers whose negligence or recklessness lead to the death of passengers or other road users should be charged for manslaughter.
According to him, this would make drivers more responsible and cautious on the roads.
Speaking at this year’s Apetorku Festival at Dagbamate, in the Akatsi South District of the Volta Region, JJ Rawlings said: “It is not enough for the nation to continue regarding the loss of many lives through road accidents as normal. Tougher punishment must be meted out to any driver who kills anybody on our roads.
“Ghanaians should regard the road accidents as a serious crime perpetrated against humanity, instead of the usual saying that: ‘It is God who gives and God who takes’. No…we should stop thinking like that, for this is a crime.”
The future of Ghana, he explained, ought to be built on responsible and patriotic citizens, including responsible drivers.
For the second time in two years, JJ advised Ghanaians to control child birth, saying that another major development challenge in Ghana is the improper parental care that most parents provide to their large number of children.
Former President Rawlings explained that birth control is crucial in national development.
He expressed surprise that in a developing country like Ghana, the poor are the ones who have taken delight and so are ‘haphazardly’ giving birth to more children than the affluent.
He encouraged family planning in Ghanaian homes to enable parents take good care and provide better education for their children.
The Awumefia of Anlo, Togbui  Sri III, called on religious bodies to show love to one another and to help ensure peace in the country.
He said he did not understand why crime continues to increase, when most Ghanaians are Christians, with more churches still springing up.
Togbui Sri, therefore, asked Ghanaians to uphold the rich cultural values and practices in the country to protect, defend and to conserve it for generations.
“A country with rich values develop faster and I urge us all to respect and cherish the rich cultural values upon which the nation was built,” he concluded.
The Chief of Dagbamate, Togbui Klu Agudzeamega II, appealed to the government to consider traditional prayers in all national celebrations and also set aside a national holiday for traditional practitioners, as a way of promoting tradition and culture of the nation, which he pointed out, is crucial for national development.
Togbui  Klu Agudzeamega said through the annual celebration of the festival, the people mobilise resources to develop the community, including the building of a clinic.
He appealed to the government to, as a matter of importance, give the needed facelift to the road, from Akatsi to Dagbamate.

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