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Fati, mother of two ,appeals for help

botchway April 9, 2018

By William Nlanjerbor JALULAH
A forty-year old mother of two, Fati Bukari, is appealing for financial support to undergo surgery for the replacement of her hip.
A copy of her medical report from the Tamale Teaching Hospital, signed by Dr. Tolgou Yempabe, indicates that Fati was diagnosed with severe Osteoarthritis of the right hip.
The report also indicates that she needs a total hip replacement, and this would cost $7,000, the equivalent of GH¢31,500.
Narrating her ordeal under excruciating pain, she told this reporter: “One day I just went to bed healthier, the following day I couldn’t wake up well and that was it. I was waking up from my bed and I couldn’t wake up. I had to wake up my son to help me stand up from my bed. I was rushed to the hospital and [underwent] numerous tests, x-rays and scan, and I was diagnosed with hepatitis, my hip was paining me I couldn’t walk and when the x-ray report came in, it showed that I needed a hip replacement. They [doctors] said there is something in my hip that has been chopped off and so they have to replace another one which is going to cost me $7,000.”
Fati also has to cough out an additional amount for the treatment of hepatitis C, hypertension and other related diseases.
According to Fati, her first born is seven years old, and the second, three years. She said though she is married, her husband is domiciled in Nigeria and cannot also raise the required amount to save her life.
Breaking down in tears while narrating her plight, Fati said: “Please, kindly help me because of God and because of these kids that I have. Please help me because of the little ones that I have, not because of me. You don’t know me, but please just do it for God to reward you one day.”
Fati can be conducted directly on 0244893675.

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