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Bawumia ‘teases’ Justice Atuguba

chronicle April 9, 2018

Ghana’s Vice President Alhaji Dr Mahamudu Bawumia has ‘teased’ Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice William Atuguba, saying, “You and I were not there,” when the two met at the GRA to file their tax returns.

The Vice President, while acknowledging the presence of the Justice and other dignitaries present at the Ghana Revenue Authority’s (GRA) launch of the tax and good governance week, said: “Justice William Atuguba, I will say, your Lordship, today, you and I are here.”

He jokingly said this, making the entire gathering laugh uncontrollably, as they recalled the 2012 Election Petition live television Supreme Court hearing.

When the gathering was relaxing their laughter, the Vice President repeated: “Your Lordship, today, you and I are here to file our tax returns.”

Touching on the subject of the day dubbed ‘Filing your tax returns, your civic responsibility’, Dr Bawumia said the country can only achieve the vision of ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ only when the citizens are prepared to perform their civic duty of paying their taxes.

According to him, all Ghanaians need to play their part of achieving the vision of building a self-financing and sustainable development agenda.

Dr Bawumia, who filed his tax returns on the day, indicated that whatever advance countries send to Africa as an aid, was as result of their own ability to mobilise domestic revenue to support international development.

“As we embark on the agenda ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’, it is imperative for us to take decisive steps to raise enough income from taxes,” he postulated.

He educated the citizenry that filing of tax returns is a constitutional obligation that all  must endeavour to comply with.


By Bernice Bessey/ghanaianchronicle.com.gh



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