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Ghana’s credibility sour on the international front

botchway April 6, 2018

Whoever listened to the BBC, CNN and some of the South Africa media reports on the deportation of 50 alleged Ghanaian journalists from Australia, who were allegedly to cover the ongoing Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games, you would weep for this land of our birth.
The stigma is so huge that whoever engineered the wrongful travel documentation of some of the deportees should be thoroughly investigated and made to face the music, when caught.
There should be no shielding of any criminal actor in this sporting debacle.
The latest revelation was that the badminton team travelled with nine players, instead of eight, and when the team leader was queried, he allegedly told the Australian authorities that a list of nine players was presented to him.
At the moment, some Ghanaian travellers to Australia for the games have been detained at the Singapore International Airport, where they were transiting.
The latest happenings mean that, as a country, we did not learn any lessons from the disgrace we invited upon ourselves in the Brazil Mundial, where our disgrace became a movie script for a foreign movie production house.
Is it true that the first time Ghana disgraced itself in Australia was when a sound player was added to a deaf and dumb football team, and so whilst playing, the player mistakenly called for a pass from his team mate, thus, forcing the referee to stop the match?
The Ghana Olympic Committee, as far as we are concerned, cannot run away from blame, because it is solely responsible for the issuance of accreditation to everybody who travelled to Australia.
Therefore, the Data Entry clerk should be able to provide us with the bio-data of all Ghanaians issued accreditation to travel to Australia for the games.
This is where we would be able to know whether all the 50 deportees are journalists, or some party supporters or business persons who travelled under the guise of journalists.
We learnt that some of the deportees sold their vehicles and land to acquire their ‘419’ travelling documents.
It is high time some of our Ghanaian nationals realised that they could enjoy life here, if they invested right and did good business.
We have always thought that the grass is greener beyond the shores of Ghana, consequently, the eagerness of the majority of our youth to waste their years of savings to travel by any means.
Some of our youth are being too lazy to go into agriculture, which has been identified as one of the most lucrative business ventures in the world.
To the 50 deportees who had lost their savings, they should see it as a herculean task getting their monies back.
All that we would need from them, at the moment, is to furnish Ghanaians with the names of the persons who fronted their illegal travelling.
Secondly, they should mention the names of their media houses to us to enable us quiz their managements.
Lastly, the Ghana Olympic Committee (GOC) should help us with the total number of contingents, including the media houses, it was due to travel with.
Ghana and journalists are going to suffer from credibility crises, and we need Nana Addo, President, and Affail Money, President of the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA), not to be silent on this latest international debacle that has slapped us on the face.

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