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JHS teacher appeals for financial support

botchway April 5, 2018

Alexander Adu Kankam, a teacher at Faaso Battor Local Authority (LA) Junior High School (JHS) in the Kwahu Afram Plains North District of the Eastern Region, is appealing to the general public to support him financially to undergo medical surgery.
Alexander, who narrated his ordeal, said the unfortunate incident happened to him on February 3, 2016, when a trailer run over him under the Suhum overhead, breaking his spinal cord and rendering him paralyzed.
“It all happened at dawn on February 3, 2016 at the Suhum roundabout (overhead). I was on my way to board a car to Afram Plains (where I teach) with a friend. On our way, we saw a trailer trying to overtake a VIP bus under the overhead.
He continued that due to the narrowness of the road, the trailer skidded from the main road to the pedestrian walkway, running into him and his friend, adding that, “all I could remember from that point was me lying in the middle of the road calling for help.”
The friend, whose name was not given as at the time of filing this report, died on the spot, whilst Kankam was initially taken to the Suhum Government Hospital, and later sent to the Koforidua St. Joseph Hospital, where he was later referred to the 37 Military Hospital.
“At 37, I was supposed to undergo two main surgeries on my right leg (i.e. Open Distal 3rd Tibia and fibula fracture) and to decompress my spinal cord (i.e. paraplegia with T11/12 cord compression from T12 burst fracture),” he added.
Alex, who is appealing for financial assistance, said the first surgery on his right leg was successful, but the second surgery was complicated because of bed sores on his back and even around the region where the surgery was supposed to be done.
After five months at 37, he was discharged home to treat the wounds and report when they were healed.
“After a year of treating the wounds, we went back to 37 Military Hospital, only to be told that I should accept that this is how I would be, because the surgery on my spinal cord was supposed to help me sit, but since I can now sit without the surgery, then there won’t be any surgery for me again,” Mr. Kankam further noted.
After their visit to the 37 Military Hospital, he has tried everything – herbal, physical therapy and spiritual means – but there hasn’t been any improvement.
“My injury has made me lose control of my urine, bowel movement (toilet) and have to battle severe pains, tingling and burning sensations, which give me sleepless nights since February 2016.
“I even sometimes have to use my hands to pull out my faeces after days of not passing it. It has also caused me and my parents to spend all we have, and through all this, I lost my mom last year to cervical cancer,” he recounted.
Mr. Kamkam, who is optimistic to stand on his feet if he gains support, noted that a few weeks after the visit to 37, he saw a video on facebook by Baffour Awuah Tabury, who is in a similar situation, seeking help to raise funds to go for a stem cell therapy in Mumbai – India, which can help improve his situation.
“So, I called him and asked him about the hospital and how to get in touch with the doctors.”
He explained that the only way for him to get back on his feet is to get treatment for stem cell therapy in Mumbai-India, which would cost $18,000, to help him walk again.
The $18 000 includes the cost of treatment, drugs and his transportation expenses.
He is, therefore, appealing to the general public to help him raise the amount to go for treatment.

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