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Is Kwahu Easter losing out its fever?

botchway April 5, 2018

Kwahu Easter has been the biggest festival in the Eastern Region and Ghana at large, and has, over years, brought revelers both national and international to the Kwahu South District.
It appears the enthusiasm and state of fun that usually characterises the festivity is taking a nosedive, as, since 2012, the event has recorded dwindling participation and attendance.
This decreasing participation has also affected corporate participation taking advantage of the large market the occasion presents in targeting their markets and potential customers.
Whereas in yesteryears, by Wednesday, the streets of Atibie, Mpraeso, Obomeng and Obo are already choked with revelers, to my utter surprise, the same streets were not busy, as compared to my first visit, except for a few stands as has always been and nothing new
However, the major towns hosting the masses are Obomeng and Mpraeso and reaching this destination from neighboring Kwahu towns demands some effort.
Some who were coming from Bepong, which is about fifteen minutes’ drive, revealed that they want to catch the fever at various stops on their way, and have the feel of the event that is why they prefer to walk.
Others are of the view that it would be imperative to walk, which is a form of exercise, but also to save money because one could spend about an hour in vehicular traffic, a situation that would not allow them get to their destinations as early as possible.
Meanwhile, the festival ended without its trade mark of displays of provocative dresses.
Some of the ladies were virtually naked, walking from one end of the street to another, despite calls for decent outfits by the chiefs of Kwahu.

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