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Did Mills die or was murdered?

botchway April 5, 2018

Ebo Quansah in Accra
Joy News Television is advertising its intention to screen a special documentary it claims to has compiled asking: ‘Who Killed the Judges?’ It is obviously aimed at educating Ghanaians, especially the youth who do not know much about the events that unfolded from December 31st 1981 and continued with the murder of three judges and a retired army officer in June 1982, which, in turn, created the culture of silence in the body politic for eleven and a half years.
It is my intention to intimate that the formation of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) as the successor to the obnoxious military junta, the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC), was carefully programmed to benefit the gurus of the party from the culture of silence created by the fear factor unleashed on this nation, following the murder of the judges and a retired army officer.
That is just by the way. For me, the four murderers who abducted the judges and an army officer from their various residences, and callously murdered them at the Bundase Military Range at the Shai Hills in the Greater Accra Region, have clearly been identified. We do know for a fact that the three accomplices of Sergeant Samuel Amedeka, were all residing at the Ridge Residence of Flt Lt. Jerry John Rawlings at the time they committed the heinous crime.
Both Jerry John Rawlings and his security capo at the time, Capt. Kojo Tsikata, have protested their innocence in the murder so foul. But the comedy of events that unfolded during and after the murder, clearly pointed to the direction of those who had reason to take to arms to overthrow the Third Republican experiment, and who rode on the fear factor the murder created to consolidate their hold on this society. I would like to submit that the establishment of the NDC as a political party was to provide them with the political tool to ride on to put down the military garb and become constitutional leaders in an impending democratic experiment.
If you ask me why I would not buy a secondhand car from the National Democratic Congress and its leaders, there is your answer. For me, the whole gamut of the murder of the three judges and an army officer in June 1982 was orchestrated to ensure that Jerry John Rawlings was accepted as leader of this society. In other words, the gruesome murder was part of a gargantuan plot to cow down the citizenry to enable the junta head hold sway over the Ghanaian society.
I will like to surmise that the callous murder of eight top military officers in June 1979, and the abduction and murder of three judges and an army officer, were part of a diabolic plan to cow down the nation, to enable Jerry John Rawlings and his accomplices to become the leaders of a humbled nation.
One of my greatest regrets, as a Ghanaian, is that this proud nation, which successfully warded off the British Imperial authority from appropriating our lands in the 17th and 18th centuries, were cowed into submission by murders and other atrocities into allowing Jerry John Rawlings to move from the leader of a military junta to become constitutional Head of State of Ghana.
As you read this piece, snippets of information coming out of the Joy Television documentary is exciting the general public. There is a buzz about town that the documentary is going to unravel one of the mysteries of our time.
In all honesty though, most Ghanaians who lived through the era, and who are still alive, know or ought to be well informed about the real motives of those who sent Sergeant Samuel Amedeka on the errand to kill the four judges and the army officer. The Special Investigation Board, established following the hue and cry of the murder of the judges, has already established that fact.
I will like to remind Joy FM and any other news outlets in Ghana interested in unraveling how our political life has taken its course, to be interested in how then sitting President John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills died. The bunkum put out there that the deceased President was suddenly taken ill at the Castle, then seat of Government, and was rushed to the 37 Military Hospital, where he died just after noon on Wednesday, July 12, 2012, cannot hold much water.
The other day, when I raised the issue and challenged Mr. Koku Anyidoho, then Press Secretary to the President, to interest himself in establishing how the good old Law Professor died, he responded by stating in an article on the world-wide net that he is not a pathologist.
I do not believe one has to be a pathologist to have an inkling of a foul death. For me, I smell a big umbrella in the cacophony of events leading to the death of the former President, and I will set up to establish why.
First of all, let me state that the late Prof. Mills was an honest broker in politics. I hated the very guts of the NDC as a political party, as a result of the party’s dirty machinations in the nation’s politics, right from the era of the PNDC to the present era. All the same, the deceased President courted my company. Many people, including Koku Anyidoho, who claims to be the Executive Director of Prof. Mills Foundation, and, therefore, trading in the former President’s name, might not know that some of us were instrumental in Prof. Mills becoming Chairman of the then National Sports Council and Vice-President of the Ghana Olympic Committee, before the powers that be found him and took him to take charge of the Internal Revenue Service, from where he became Vice-President, and then President of the Republic of Ghana.
That is by the way. What is important now is establishing whether the former head of state died naturally or was murdered. I bet the facts given by NDC officials leading to his death do not add up. We are told that the President of the Republic of Ghana reported ill after receiving some members of his family, including his biological sister, at the Castle.
The ailing President was bundled into a vehicle and sent to the 37 Military Hospital and allowed to compete with the mid-day traffic. There was no siren and no ambulance. At the Military Hospital, he was first sent to the Maternity Unit, though the then President, a male, could not have any maternity problems.
We are told that it was a doctor at the Maternity Unit who looked into the car and noticed that the patient was actually the Head of State of the Republic of Ghana and pointed to the Emergency Unit.
We all learned later that by the time the ailing President was stretchered out of the car and was ready for medical attention, he had already given up the ghost. What is even more serious is the allegation that as a result of the circumstances of his death, doctors at the 37 Military Hospital failed to issue a death certificate. The inference was that the doctors were unable to certify the cause of his death.
There was no clear evidence of a pathologist report before President John Evans Atta Mills’ mortal remains were interred at the Asomdwee Park, specially created for him near the Castle. There are several grey areas in the story sold to Ghanaians about how the good old professor died. It is natural that a committee is set up to put Ghanaians at rest about how their President died. I know that would not be a comfortable news to those who orchestrated the whole gamut of sending him to the 37 Military Hospital without the use of an ambulance and a siren. The truth must be told, I dare state.
I will like to submit here that the atmosphere that was made to surround the death and burial of the only President to die in office was deliberately created to get the then ailing President out of the way in order for the NDC to field what the party gurus believed was a winnable candidate in the 2012 presidential race.
In all this saga, one name keeps popping up. Do you remember Samuel Amedeka in the murder of the judges and an army officer? I am told that another Amedeka is linked to the circumstances leading to the demise of the former President. The two are not the same. I am still investigating how the name Emmanuel keeps popping up in the circumstances leading to the death of the former law lecturer.
In the interim, it is pertinent for the likes of Mr. Henry Martey Newman, Chief of Staff when deceased President Mills occupied the Castle, Mr. John Dramani Mahama, Vice-President at the time, Mr. Koku Anyidoho, the embattled Deputy Secretary of the NDC, the two Mills brothers – Samuel and Cadman – have to come out of their shells and speak on the issue.
The happenings around the former President’s death look too strange to be swept under the carpet. The gargantuan funeral organised to lay the body to rest cannot mask the search for the truth leading to the demise of my fellow Ekumfi man.
I promise all and sundry that I, Ebo Quansah of Ekumfi Ekrawfo, would not rest until the truth behind the President’s death has been unraveled. President John Evans Atta Mills was certainly ill before ascending to the highest office in the land. But the circumstances leading to his death raises a number of pertinent issues that need to be investigated. I do not believe it is too much to ask the state to investigate the matter.
After all, Prof. Mills is the only head of state to die in office. The people of Ghana have a right to know how he died.
I shall return!

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