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Police did well to prevent NDC thugs from invading court

botchway March 27, 2018


Known for their buffoonery because that is their umbilical cord, from the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) to the National Defence Congress (NDC), the opposition NDC bused party supporters to invade an Accra High Court, yesterday, where Dr Stephen Kwabena Opuni, former COCOBOD CEO, began standing trial for 27 criminal charges against him.

The party thugs were bused from Kumasi to the court, where movies or comedies are not shown on a giant screen.

Yesterday’s silliness by the NDC supporters, who were led by some ministers under their government, were met by heavily armed police personnel, and we thought they would demonstrate their audacity by chanting or misbehaving when the men in black showed them the red light.

By the misbehaviour of these NDC supporters, we would, for the first time, concur with Koku Anyidoho, who rebutted former President Mahama, who incited party supporters to marshal when any of his appointees was hauled in court for alleged criminal acts when they held a public office.

Koku Anyidoho, in a sharp rebuttal, said any public servant under the NDC government, who would be dragged to court by the Nana Addo government for some financial malfeasance, should be allowed to face the music alone, without any party supporters massing up in the name of solidarity.

Koku Anyidoho went on to say that the family of the accused should mass up at the court to solidarise with their relation.

Koku was right on point, because, had any party supporter been grabbed yesterday for contempt, that supporter alone would have been languishing in the coolers of the police, whilst Dr Opuni’s family and party gurus, who also stormed the court, would go home to enjoy their dinner.

Let us not forget that yesterday’s bad behaviour by the supporters was not the first time, with the first being in 2009, when former President Kufuor’s NPP government hauled past NDC ministers to court for milking state coffers.

What is the NDC afraid of if they claimed their hands are clean, or they do not believe in the judiciary?

He who calls for equity must come with clean hands, and in view of this, they should allow Dr Opuni, who pleaded not guilty to the 27 charges when put in the dock, to defend his innocence through his counsel, Samuel Cudjoe.

We urge the police not to rest the law when the accused person appears in court again, and these supporters, from Jerry John Rawlings’ belly, mass up at the court to cause ‘fear and panic’ or intimidate the judge.

The NDC should allow due process take its course until judgement is pronounced, no matter how far this case would journey.

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