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GHAFUP introduces economically improved cooking stoves

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GHAFUP introduces economically improved cooking stoves

botchway March 23, 2018

By Bernice Bessey
People’s Dialogue on Human Settlements (PD), in partnership with the Ghana Federation of the Urban Poor (GHAFUP), has introduced improved cooking stoves that would reduce health and environmental hazards caused during cooking.
The stoves, designed in different forms and sizes, are to help households to reduce the amount of money they spend on fuels such as firewood, charcoal, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), and also provide access to clean, reliable, safe and affordable sources of energy, which are indentified by SDG-7, as a key drive of development.
Launching the stoves in Accra, Fredrick Agyepong, a representative from PD, said the use of open fire and traditional cooking stoves and fuel are one of the world’s most pressing health and environmental problems.
The stoves were launched under the Energy Justice Programme to benefit over 4,000 households in the Accra Metropolis.

pix,by Eric Owiredu
The programme is founded by SIDA and implemented through the Shack/Slum Dwellers’ International of which GHAFUP is an affiliate.
According to Fredrick Agyepong, the introduction of the stoves was necessitated by the fact that three million people around the world rely on solid fuels to cook, thereby, causing serious environmental and health impacts that disproportionally affect women and children.
He said a baseline survey carried out in the Accra Metropolis indicated that 50 percent of households use LGP, while each household uses more than one cooking stove.
“Household air pollution from cooking kills over 4 million people every year and sickens millions more, yet, safe, affordable and accessible clean cooking solutions exist that can dramatically reduce fuel consumption and exposure to harmful cooking stove smoke, while providing economic opportunities in communities in the county,” he added.
John Yeboah, a representative from the Energy Commission, said the Commission was introducing affordable energy to 5,000 households nationwide to complement the effort of PD and its partners.
He added that the Commission would empower local artisans to build improved stoves to make them more accessible and affordable.
Desmond Appiah, on behalf of the Accra Mayor, indicated that the assembly strongly supports PD in the effort to provide an alternative source of cooking stoves that would improve the health of the people and the environment.

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