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pastors to support teenage mothers

botchway March 22, 2018


From Samuel Agbewode, Ho

The Coalition of Volta Clergy says it is much concerned about the issue of teenage pregnancy and its related problems and is, therefore, adopting strategies to help in addressing the challenge.

The coalition, on this note, called for collaborative efforts with relevant stakeholders to find lasting solution to the consequences of teenage pregnancy.

The clergy pointed out that teenage parenting has remained as one of the development problems in the Volta Region and, therefore, needs radical tackling.

Speaking at a press briefing on the issue in Ho, the Spokesperson for the Coalition, Reverend Dr Elijah Agbemavor said: “The churches that have come together to form this coalition have decided to deal with the problem by contributing some monies from their Sundays’ services to establish a factory to engage these teenage mothers.”

Reverend Dr Agbemavor said the coalition has observed that teenager mothers have become burdens to their families and society, because they have no vocational skills that could make them economically independent.

Reverend Dr Agbemavor noted that the dynamic nature of society has made it possible for the church to also find ways that would promote both spiritual and the physical well-being of its members.

He explained that it was high time the church also gave back to the congregation that paid offertory to grow the church.

The Coalition of Volta Clergy has started a farming project that would help the church to generate income to help support the needy in society.

In fact, the Coalition of Volta Clergy was formed six years ago and it has been supporting the needy and vulnerable in the society, visits the sick and aged at their homes and hospitals to support them.

Additionally, the group has been embarking on outreach programmes in the Region to educate other pastors and prophets to sanitise their utterances and teachings, some of which create fear and panic among their congregations.

Such wild utterances and prophecies by some of these Men of God in the Region, Reverend Dr Agbemavor said, do not promote peace.

“Every prophesy should be more Biblical, but almost all the prophecies, in recent times, only put fear in people. Prophesies are expected to liberate the people, but not to create confusion.

“Today, some prophecies destroying families and relations.”





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