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Drivers killing us more than armed robbers

botchway March 22, 2018


Albeit, armed robbers wield deadly weapons when they attack their victims, and drivers, have over the years, killed innocent Ghanaians more than armed robbers.

Staggering road crashes statistics from the National Road Safety Commission reveals that drivers, in January and February 2018, killed 366 people on our roads.

And more shocking is the report that private vehicles killed more persons than commercial vehicles, whose drivers we often insult and consider inexperienced.

Though we have not stumbled on any statistics to show that in January and February 2018, armed robbery recorded such a frightening death toll, we do not doubt that road crashes are ahead of armed robbery in this subject.

Motorists have always blamed their indiscipline and negligence to poor roads, and when good roads are constructed, they speed to kill us.

Time after time, motorists are cautioned to shun any attitude that could cost the lives of commuters or other road users, but because no rigid punishment is meted out to them, after violating the Road Traffic Regulations, they go on to repeat the same deadly mistakes on our roads.

The police, too, must partly be blamed for some of these road crashes, as it is an open secret that most of the personnel of the Motor Traffic and Transport Department (MTTD) do not inspect any documents of motorists, but collect as little as GH¢1 from them.

We often see vehicles dangerously overloaded plying on our roads, but when the MTTD personnel stop these vehicles, they collect some ‘daily bread’ from the drivers and allow them to go and kill innocent breadwinners or promising citizens.

The police must allow our beautiful laws on Road Traffic Regulations work, irrespective of who would be grabbed violating them.

We need the police to help Ghana save the annual 3.5% of its Gross Domestic Product it spends on servicing road crash cases, for the provision of some of our basic national needs.

Drivers, too, must demonstrate responsibility when they sit behind their steering wheels.

The craze for more money by commercial drivers, thus, their excessive speeding and over-loading of vehicles, and private drivers, who also speed recklessly, should love their lives and be considerate to their dependants by behaving well on the roads.

Passengers should be brave to call a reckless driver to order, and any passenger whose idiocy would incite a driver to be reckless on the road, should be cast out like Jonah was cast out of the whale.

Other passengers should not be reluctant to hand a negligent driver or passenger to the police, for the law to deal with him.

The Ministry of Roads and Ghana Highways Authority should also play their part by fixing our bad roads, provide better and visible road markings, signs and streetlights.

There is no excuse why most of our faulty streetlights have not been fixed to illuminate our roads.

Again, there is no excuse why most stretches of our roads do not have road markings or signs to communicate with motorists.

Whilst we blame drivers for killing us, the Ministry of Road and Ghana Highways Authority cannot be exempted either.

All of us must be blamed for the road crashes, and so all of must unite to reduce the menace to the barest minimum.

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