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Beware of land thieves in Gomoa Fetteh-Regent

botchway March 22, 2018

From Frederick E. Aggrey, Kasoa
The chiefs and elders of Gomoa Fetteh in the Central Region have cautioned that people’s craze to acquire land to put up their properties could end them losing their investment, if they do not do due diligence.
According to the Gomoa Fetteh traditional leaders, their area and most part of the country have been illegally taken over by ‘land thieves’ who are either land guards or mere caretakers and thus, do not own a quarter plot of land for sale.
“Some estate developers, individuals, land guards and many miscreants have over the period illegally sold lands to unsuspecting individuals and institutions and we want to caution people to beware,” Nana Samuel Kabby Caye, former Regent of Gomoa Fetteh and current Ebusuapanyin of the Royal Abor Ewusie Family, said on behalf of the chiefs and elders of Gomoa Fetteh, at a media press briefing at Kasoa.
The media engagement was a follow-up to some media publications about some indigenes’ complaint in relation to the alleged involvement of the Millennium City Police Command, land guards and certain elements, in grabbing their lands with impunity and intimidation.
Nana Samuel Kabby Caye said: “There are laws governing sale, transfer of ownership and acquisition of stool lands in Ghana.
“Therefore, all land transactions which do not follow legal processes as stated under the 1992 Constitution and other prevailing laws, are not only null and void, but also criminal under the Criminals Code of Ghana.”
He corroborated the media publications that officials of security agencies and institutions of state have liaised with estate developers, institutions and other individuals to sell large portions of their land without recourse to them.
These acts, he said, are blatant thievery.
The current map, the Amoreen Judgment and Plan of 1984, which gives demarcation of territories and boundaries of towns and communities in the enclave, has clearly given the allodial custodians of the Gomoa Fetteh lands, which include Millennium City, just as the 1910 and 1913, judgments and maps.
In view of this, the traditional authorities advised Ghanaians and all stakeholders to take notice of same and desist from giving monies to individuals or companies who do not have stake in their lands.
They similarly advised the security officials, within their enclave, to be fair and allow justice to prevail, adding that the menace of land guards is rampant in the area due to the alleged inactions or direct involvement by the security agencies for their personal gains.
They, therefore, called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP) and heads of the security apparatus to intervene to ensure fairness, equity and enforcement of the law in the area.
However, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Asamoah Agyekum, the District Commander of the Millennium City Police Command, explained that he has never been involved with land guards.
He said he has discharged his duties with the greatest professionalism and fairness, adding that “in Ghana when you decide to be straight forward and do your job with all integrity, you will always find issue with one person or the other.”
DSP Agyekum indicated that the matter in question involves the arrest and detention of one alleged land guard, Musah, who was later granted bail by the Circuit Court, after the suspect had been arraigned before the court.
He added that he has been deeply involved in the fight against land guards and his outfit has witnessed the jailing of some criminals.
For the sake of fairness, DSP Asamoah Agyekum called for independent investigators to come to the ground and confirm what is happening.

Nana Samuel Cabby Kaye, former Regent and current Ebusuapanyin of Gomoa Fetteh

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