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Thinking outside the box, KMA shows the way!

botchway March 16, 2018

One of the major problems confronting this country is the way we handle food-related products. Animals are, for instance, are slaughtered under unhygienic conditions in most of our makeshift slaughter houses.
Even in Accra, a supposedly elite society, animals are slaughtered near dirty gutters, singed with tyres with all the accompanying toxic materials, and sold to unsuspecting consumers.
To exacerbate the situation, the meat of these animals is conveyed in ramshackle trucks and cars to the market centres to sell to the public. Sometimes, some of the butchers even strap the meat to their backs and walk a distance before dropping them. Food vendors also sell near refuse dumps, despite the pungent smell emanating from the site. In a nutshell, the Ghanaian does not care about the health of his or her neighbour, so long as what he or she is doing will earn him money.
Tricycles, which were introduced into Ghana by Zoomlion Ghana Limited, have no doubt helped to generate employment for the youth. In the rural areas, some of these tricycles are used to transport produce from the farms to the villages. In the urban areas, the youth are also using them to collect garbage from the various homes and transport them to the dumping sites.
Though there are no official reports about refuse tricycles being used to transport meat or food in general, the Ghanaian looking for money wouldn’t mind doing so. It is in this direction that The Chronicle congratulates the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly for the laudable initiate to brand all refuse tricycles in orange colour.
The KMA has rebranded tricycles (Aboboyaa) solely for the collection and disposal of solid waste in the city and allow for swift rubbish collection in both the residential and commercial areas to enhance environmental sanitation. Under the initiative, the KMA has registered, coded, tagged and branded about 200 tricycles with orange colour to be installed with tracking devices to monitor their operations of mainly carting waste from the various areas to the landfill site.
The objective of the project is to avoid the situation where Aboboyaa tricycles are used to cart both waste, food and meat interchangeably, at the expense of the health of residents, thus helping reduce health hazards associated with waste. It is also intended to help keep Kumasi City clean and green.
This initiative, which has been lauded by the Minister for Water Resources and Sanitation, Kofi Adda, should have come from the Health Ministry long ago, but that never happened. It is the hope of The Chronicle that other Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies would emulate what the KMA has done, by introducing similar policies to ensure a healthy society.
Per the KMA innovation, members of the public would be in a position to question these tricycle riders when they use them to cart meat and other food products instead of refuse. Good idea and we salute the KMA!
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