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Western Region NPP wrangling reaches crescendo

botchway March 15, 2018

From Alfred Adams, Takoradi
Internal party tiffs in the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Western Region have reached its highest point between the regional executives and Regional Secretary.
Evidence of this is in an incident that happened last Sunday, when the camp of the Regional Chairman of the party, Dickson Atta Nketsiah, held a meeting at the party’s office, where they unanimously arrived at a decision to topple and break into the office of the Presidential Staffer, Charles Cromwell Bissue.
Information available to The Chronicle indicates that on Sunday, Dickson Atta Nketsiah, popularly known as Kendicks, chaired a meeting with his group, at which they concurred to break into the Secretary’s office and change the padlock.
The premise for the action by the group was that the Secretary, who doubles as a Presidential Staffer, had failed to use the office in the interest of the party.
The notice to convene the meeting, according to reliable information, was dispatched to only the members in the camp of Dickson Atta Nketsiah, and so, regional executives, who were not in the camp of the chairmen, were uninvited.
In attendance were the Youth Organiser, the NASARA Coordinator, the Assistant Secretary, the Communication Director and the Deputy Organiser, who are all for Dickson Atta Nketsiah, according to The Chronicle’s news source.
In the early hours of Monday morning, Dickson Atta Nketsiah’s ‘boys’ carried out their agenda, The Chronicle’s source at the meeting narrated.
Tony Nketsiah, Personal Secretary to Dickson Atta Nketsiah, confirmed on a local radio station in Takoradi that the locks to the party’s Regional Secretary’s office had been changed, saying, “We need the office to work, and since the Regional Secretary was not responding to our calls to come open the door, we opened it.”
Flabbergasted at the party ‘coup’ against him, Charles Cromwell Bissue told The Chronicle in a telephone interview that he would not glorify the action by the Chairman and his group, saying: “I have a serious business to attend for the party.”
The response Charles Cromwell Bissue gave to The Chronicle seemed to corroborate some reports on the desk of this paper that there is bad blood between him and Dickson Atta Nketsiah.
Both have camps they lord over, and as the members of each camp are contesting each other for regional positions in the NPP, it is anticipated that the internal wranglings would not cease now, and the outcome could cost the party’s progress.
To make the development sourer, Dickson Atta Nketsiah, on March 12, sent an official letter to Charles Cromwell Bissue to return a Mitsubishi L200 pickup and documents covering it and a Kantanka Mama pickup to the party.
The letter said: “The two vehicles were given to the Secretary in December 2017, but you only returned the Kantanka pickup without documents on it.
“You unilaterally decided to keep the Mitsubishi L200 pickup without my consent and approval.”
Dickson Atta Nketsiah claimed in the letter that several efforts to get the recipient to return the party’s properties had been unsuccessful.
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