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Ex-Akatsi DCE, successor in battle of debts

botchway March 14, 2018

Samuel KwadzoWuadi, former District Chief Executive (DCE) of Akatsi South, has advised his successor, Leo-Nelson Adzidogah, to enroll in the government’s free Senior High School (SHS) to learn Accounting.
Samuel Wuadi said his successor needs the education, in view of the latter’s lack of understanding and bundling of figures at a press conference the new DCE held on Valentine’s Day, where he alleged that his predecessor left a debt stock of GH¢4,062,360.23 at the assembly.
In a counter-press conference by the former DCE in Akatsi, Samuel KwadzoWuadi, he indicated that his successor engaged in concocting figures and bundled them to the general public through the media, drawing malicious conclusions to take undue political advantage.
He explained that the budgeting system of the District Assembly concept in Ghana, since its inception, works on projected revenues and expenditure, which could not be described as debts.
He explained further that it is only when contracts are executed, and certificates of works prepared and certified by the appropriate authority, that they become an obligation for the assembly to effect payment, “and this is even done upon the release of the various statutory funds by the central government.”
He further indicated that in planning for a particular fiscal year, the assembly considers its programmes, projects and other activities, and “the assembly puts these, including statutory payments, projected expenditure and revenue in its composite budget through budget hearings from the sub-committee level, through to the regional budget hearing, before coming back to the general house for approval.
“During these stages, the various oversight committees, including the internal audit department, would do an efficient job in assessing and taking every process through the approved scrutiny.”
At the current DCE’s press conference, he indicated that there were more financial claims trooping in, which, when approved, would shoot the debt up from the over GH¢4 million he inherited, but this, MrWuadi rubbished, saying: “I strongly disagree with the wishful and myopic thinking of my successor…I presume that the DCE did not understand the District Assembly concept and its budgeting system.
“I wish to refer him to the Akatsi Senior High Technical School, if he so cares, to acquire knowledge in some basic fundamental accounting concepts relating to accounting equations.”
Giving some breakdowns, Samuel Wuadi said during the eight years in office of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), 120 contracts were awarded to the District, out of which 83 were completed, with 26 on-going, and nine at a standstill.
The contract sum, he said, stood at GH¢9,014,700.37, and by December 31, 2016, GH¢5,115,128.11 had been paid, leaving GH¢4,067,070.26 as the outstanding debt.
Samuel Wuadi, therefore, said every project or expenditure, under his tenure, could not be a liability, “and the evidences are on the ground.”
Samuel KwadzoWuadi, former Akatsi South DCE
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