How Much Is The MTN Credit?

MTNSome vendors have increased the price of the MTN credit voucher from GHc2, GHc5, GHc10 and GHc20 to GHc2.10p, GHc2.20p, GHc5.10p and GHc5.20p respectively.
In my quest to find out, I was told it has been increased at the sales point. A sales person said “MTN has increased their prices so we have to do same or we will run at a lost”.
But by how much has it been increased, she was not willingly to disclose and kept saying it has been increased.
On the other hand, others are still selling it at the old price. Is it not the same credit voucher? And why are some selling it at a different price? How big is the increment from MTN to the sellers? And will they run at a loss if they sell it at the old price or there’s a little profit?
My question still holds unanswered. What is the actual price of MTN credit voucher in Ghana?
Josephine Araba Aidoo

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