Ho Poly holds 18th Matriculation

From Samuel Agbewode, Ho

Mr. Alex Tettey Enyo, Minister for Education

The Rector of the Ho Polytechnic, Dr. J.V.K. Afun, has expressed concern over the lack of interest by female students to pursue technical-related courses at the polytechnics. Dr. Afun noted that the polytechnic received a total of 3,966 applicants, out of which 1,901 were admitted, an increase of 200 more than last year, but female enrollment was very low.

The Ho Polytechnic Rector, who said this at the 18th Matriculation of fresh men and women to offer various courses, pointed out that the poor female entry into the polytechnic could be attributed to the phobia the ladies had for technical subjects.

Dr. Afun, buttressing his point, explained that there were no females in B-Tech and HND Agriculture Engineering, B-Tech Auto Engineering, HND Production Engineering, Electrical Technician One, and Construction Technician One respectively, a development he said, ought to be reversed.

He said unfortunately, the polytechnic continued to be dominated by Accountancy, Business and Hospitality students, who constituted about 66 per cent of the total student population admitted this year. The, he noted, posed a challenge to polytechnic education, which is supposed to be technically-dominated.

Touching on discipline, Dr. Afun said to ensure that the right conditions had been created for academic work, it was expected that the newly-admitted students would conduct themselves well in conformity with the rules and regulations, responsibilities and rights that accorded them students’ status.

Dr. Afun noted that the laws of the country would apply to all citizens, no matter where they are in the country, adding that being a student of the Polytechnic would not help shield them from prosecution for any criminal offence they commit.

He, therefore, stressed that the Ho Polytechnic would not condone any behaviour within or outside the campus that contravened the laws of land, such as use of illicit drugs, disorderly behaviour, alcoholism, occultism and willful destruction of school property would not be tolerated.

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