Happy New Year and more to come!

With Jacuquiline Bondzie

Finally, the year 2010 is over, giving way to the year 2011, of which today marks the seventh day of the first month of the year! The anticipation and the excitement about a coming year have been felt by all mankind.

Your exciting Chronicle Entertainment Train Driver wishes all passengers on board a very Happy New Year! And more than many happy returns.

With the astronomical increase in fuel prices causing fear and panic in the country, many wish they could reverse time to the Christmas season, so they would be spared the fuel increase.

Whatever the case may be in this country, fuel prices are monitored by both the young and old, rich or poor, even the housewife monitors fuel prices.

Increasing fuel prices on the first working day of the month of a new year can make heads of consumers spin! Having spent most of their incomes making merry during the Christmas season, they return to work not only with empty pockets, but in addition to that fuel increase?

If there was a way to sell the tickets many bought to go see shows during Christmas, imagine how the faces of these ticket owners will look! Talking about shows this Christmas, your Entertainment Train Driver witnessed the Night of a Thousand Laughs.

For a show that sold a ticket for GH¢50, it turned out interesting, as Funny Face made it a point to use his audience for his comic creativity! Unfortunately, Kwame Sefa Kayi and his wife turned out to be the inspiration behind some of his jokes.

The Nigerian comedian, Bash, and the other comedians billed for the night, did not make their audience regret buying tickets for the show. Talking about shows that took place in December, what comes to mind, pronto, is the prices that came with these tickets!

Some shows had tickets selling as high as 100- GH¢150 all for one night! Especially, the show that had Rick Ross coming down to teach some Ghanaians time management!

Apparently, the show had to start at 8:00 p.m., and knowing most Ghanaians and their understanding of the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as ‘Ghana Man’s Time,’ decided to arrive later than the scheduled time, only to miss the Rick Rocks’ performance!

Although the rate for the show was too much, it did a lot by teaching patrons of these shows to be on time! It is about time they arrive early, so as to avoid the battling for seats, which usually occur with late arrivals.

There will be no New Year without New Year resolutions, thus it is no doubt many have been made as usual, and well, as to whether these resolutions would be fulfilled, is another day’s discussion!

To passengers onboard the train, it is your Train Driver’s resolution to keep you informed on everything entertainment, giving you quality reportage, and more this year!

Once again, Happy New Year to everyone, from the management and staff of the Chronicle Newspaper, and keep boarding the Entertainment Train.

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