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Happenings In Our Ghana.

Date published: February 14, 2013


By Kofi Nkrumah


GHANA, our GOD-GIVEN land, has no doubt been mismanaged by some of its present and past managers. Otherwise, why is it that 56 years after independence from our colonial masters, we still experience frequent power outages, water shortages in several cities, towns and villages. What have we done wrong to deserve such treatment? Why should we live in our own country and not be sure when we can have access to electricity and water? You ask questions why this is happening and the answer is the infrastructure needs massive rehabilitation and therefore capital injection. And then we are also told that government agencies, ministries, institutions… them what you like….they owe these utility companies especially, ECG millions of Ghana cedis. So in a way, it is government which is indirectly crippling the utility companies because invariably, the government agencies will tell us that the utility estimates in their budgets are not adequately provided for. On the hand, if the budgets are approved, it is still the responsibility of certain government appointees to ensure that the approved amounts are used appropriately. By the way, the electricity and water companies cut off services to private companies and individuals who default in payment of bills. Government institutions should also be denied services when they fail to pay bills, and even sued in courts for persistent default. In short, government must ensure that it does not contribute to inefficiencies in the utility companies so that it can have the moral right to supervise them properly.

Yes, we know that some top officials and politicians deep down in their hearts don’t really care about the people’s welfare as to whether there is regular supply of electricity, water or not, because as for them, they can afford to buy generators, and have access to water anytime, any day. They know where to get water, and all they do is to make a call and a tanker discharges water in their homes .The masses who queue in the sun to vote for politicians to climb to power know all these things, and if things don’t improve, it will come to a time when voters will advise ourselves. When you see a dog on the roof of a building, you know it is a human being who put it there. So politicians, beware, don’t forget how you got to where you are……….we are all watching yourperformance .

Our doctors have once again found it necessary to declare a partial strike, because they have a disagreement with government. Several times, over several years, our doctors go on strike mainly for denial of certain financial benefits, and almost every year, this happens, and it continues and continues and continues. So what at all is wrong with those who are supposed to take care of our doctors?This time, we are told the Labour Commission has given a ruling in favour of doctors and all they want is for government to respond to the ruling, but government is quiet…instead of saying….yes we will go with the ruling and pay or no, we don’t accept the ruling, so we won’t pay. I don’t know  what the thegovernment’s problem is, but whatever it is, we all know how patients at public hospitals are suffering, so the earlier this misunderstanding is resolved, the better for us all. Here again, government officials and politicians should know that the masses are aware that the poor have no other doctors to turn to. But they know that the politicians can afford to pay for private medical services in Ghana or even travel outside for same. So, the authourites must show that they care for the masses if   for nothing at all, in their own interest. In the course of signing off this piece, the doctors announced that government has agreed to abide by the Labour Commission ruling, but they are waiting for its implementation, so the strike action has been suspended……..good news.

Let’s anticipate hikes in fuel prices but before the official announcement is made  let us also anticipate that some dealers in fuel products will increase the rate at which they put up the signs which annoy all consumers,….. NO PETROL, NO DIESEL ,NO GAS . Some dealers, or should I rather say most dealers ,will not sell. They will wait for the announcement so that they sell and make higher profits.   Dear reader, my brothers and sisters, fellow countrymen, it would have been suicidal for the government to talk of removing fuel subsidies before the elections, so do you remember how the issue was brushed aside during the campaign? But now, the  election is over, and NDC is still in power  and  for the  next three or so years,unless  the SUPREME COURT decides otherwise, the  government will rule and  take any measures , it deems fit , however harsh they may seem. This has been the old trick ofour  politicians……….. they wait to get power and then  apply the tight measures, early in the term before the next election is due. The National Petroleum Authority’s statement is only to prepare our minds for the announcement, which is very likely to come in the next few days. We should  be ready to tighten  our belts in view of the effects of fuel price hikes on the cost of living.


Some members of the Ghanaian clergy are surprising me over their brother OwusuBempah ‘s  prophecy about  the President.According to OwusuBempah, “ GOD SAID, IF WE DO NOT PRAY” ,the negative will happen, and that he OwusuBempah and his pastors are praying to overturn the negative. So AgyinAsare ,Wengam , Duncan- Williams and others who are condemning OwusuBempah could rather pray and reverse whatever unfortunate incident might happen You are all Christian leaders, so I expect you to resolve differences on the quiet, instead of using the media to make your arguments.Even, if OwusuBempah made a mistake by talking about the prophecy on air, the others who claim to be better than him should have behaved more maturely. I wonder why and how some pastors can judge another  over a prophecy he claims to have had from God, more so, as OwusuBempah is said to have given some prophecies which were fulfilled.I thought spiritual matters cannot be fully understood with  physical measurement  and  parameters. Enters Allotey Jacobs  who calls OwusuBempah a “Con man”, “anti Christ” on radio……these are serious,  and unfortunate words to use for a man of God…the acid-tongued educated fisherman  should not extend his disrespect to men of God, else he will be treading on dangerous grounds.Then, Allotey insults all NPP members , in essence , as stupid and mad on OK FM GHANA DECIDES, TUESDAY 12THFEB 2013 programme in response to a comment made by Michael Ampong an NPP member that Allotey was once a fetish priest.So, if one NPP member refers to Allotey Jacobs as a former fetish priest , does he have the right to respond by banding all NPP  members together and insult them including their proven wise leaders as being stupid ? HABA, ALLOTEY, YOU CAN IN NO WAY COMPARE YOURSELF TO THE LEADER OF THE NPP , SO STOP. Before ending this article, Allotey  apologized to the NPP  to forgive him for the insults he poured on them……but it was too late…..the harm has already been done.  I advise the NDC to talk to him because if he resumes the insults, the NPP youth and othersare likely to pay him back. Iam told that a group of Christian pastors has  wisely called for truce in this matter  involving  prophet OwusuBempah and other  pastors , and I hope all men of God  will heed this advice.


The media is the fourth estate of the realm, after the executive, judiciary and the legislature, and it is a tool of information, education and entertainment for the populace. The political path chosen by this nation through the 1992 Constitution allows free speech, of course within reasonable bounds,  that is, with responsibility. So newspapers, magazines etc comprising the print media, radio and television plus the modern-day social media making up the electronic media are contributing to national development. Oman Fm and its affiliates including NET 2 TV have been accusing the authourities of jamming their NETWORK. Ghana has come too far in its democratic dispensation to allow  victimization of media institutions else, our democracy will be at peril . If the NCA and relevant state institutions have proof that Oman and its affiliates are offending our laws in anyway, the proper thing must be done, through the National Media Commission and other appropriate institutions……the covert, old-fashioned  communist, inferior tactics being used against these media houses must stop. Today’s Ghana is too mature for such rough tactics.

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