God speaks to Ghanaians through Lay Preacher …on 2016 General Elections


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A Lay Preacher and Counselor at Better Life Foundation Ministries in Ho, Madam Tina Akorley, has called on Christian leaders to intensify their education on sound Biblical teachings that promote love, unity and peace among the people, as God has revealed to her to propagate the message to the nation for a peaceful 2016 general elections.

Madam Akorley explained that in a vision she had in relation to the forthcoming general elections, God had asked her to propagate the message of love and the need for Ghanaians to seek counsel from him, so as to ensure that His will prevails, saying, “they must seek my will, so that it may be well with them. I kill and give life, I wound and heal. Go and warn them, I wish to show them mercy, but it would depend on the choices that they make, whether or not to keep my instructions.”



She stressed that the Lord spoke to her in plain words that He reigns supreme and knows what was good for Ghanaians, and “behold, I am doing a new thing, and those who would obey me would eat the fruit of it, be it persons or nations. I am the First and the Last, without me ye can do nothing, therefore, turn from your evil ways and follow the light in my word.”

Speaking with fear and in a trembling voice at the regional office of The Chronicle in Ho, Madam Akorley said Tuesday December 22, 2015 was when God gave her the message for the Nation Ghana, but she did not know how to spread it, only tell people about it anytime she preaches as a Lay Preacher, until the Spirit of God directed her to the office of The Chronicle in Ho, and hoped that God’s message, after almost a year, would reach many Ghanaians.

She continued that every system of governance requires God’s support and guidance, particularly, in relation to elections, adding that the Lord pointed to her Proverbs: 16 vs 33, which says in part: “The lot is cast into the lap, but the disposing thereof is of the Lord,” that was why democracy or self-government must be practiced with divine principles, so as to obtain divine outcomes in elections.

Madam Akorley said the spirit of God admonished ministers of the Gospel to guide Ghanaians with divine counsel, especially, in contributing to issues that were of national importance, warning pastors and preachers of the gospel not to speak their own minds on serious national issues.

She pointed out that God assured her that He has prepared people like the Rev. Sam Korankye Ankrah, General Overseer of Royal House Chapel International, among others, to be at the forefront of spreading the Gospel and drawing the nation closer to the Creator of the universe.

According to the Lay Preacher and Counselor, the Spirit of the Lord stressed the need for Ghanaians to avoid violence, shedding of human and animal blood, consultations with other gods and spirits, dishonest dealings, misguided speeches, disrespect for leaders, malice and other immoral practices in our politics.


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