GIS & Illegal Chinese Entry

The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS), last week exposed one of its officers as being a conduit pipe for illegal Chinese immigrants who have become a menace in the gold-mining areas of the country.

The culprit, identified as an Immigration Control Officer (ICO), is said to be responsible for the entry of 15 illegal Chinese into the country through our land borders.

Part of the case against the ICO is that he allegedly contacted the GIS Tema Enforcement Unit, pleading for bail for nine of his 15 wards who had been detained there.

Unfortunately the errant ICO, who was interdicted and detained after his unmasking, has jumped bail, and the GIS has appealed to the general public to assist with his re-arrest.

Said a GIS “Wanted Note” on the absconding ICO: “The GIS is hereby calling on the general public to provide information about this officer’s whereabouts, to enable the service apprehend him for criminal prosecution. Alternatively, members of the public could report his presence to the nearest police station for his immediate arrest. Please call the following numbers…”

The Chronicle would like to commend the GIS for being able to identify one of its own as the culprit in the saga of the influx of Chinese into Ghana illegally.

However, we are not very satisfied that. If indeed, the Chinese flooding into the country through our land borders are being aided by GIS staff, it is only one of them involved. How can one GIS official, with one assistant, coordinate illegal entries across our borders with La Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Togo, each of which has its own detachment of GIS officers stationed there? – And a very junior officer at that.

It is likely, indeed, most likely, that there are more than one GIS official involved in the illegal activity of Chinese entry into the country by land. We would, therefore, suggest that the GIS digs deeper if it really wants to get to the bottom of the matter.

The Chronicle is also worried that the ICO was given the opportunity to jump bail. The fact that such a thing vhappened could be suggestive of the collusion of senior officers who have now chosen that avenue to protect themselves from exposure.

The longer the indicted ICO evades capture, the stronger the suspicion would grow that there is the invisible hand of a senior GIS officer involved in his inexplicable escape from lawful custody, even if he was in transit.

The Chronicle is waiting and watching!

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