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From Homo Sexual Worries Through Occupation Of The Poultry Farm To The Defeat Of The Star.. The Agony Piles On For Hard-Up Ghanaians

Date published: February 8, 2013


Ebo Quansah in Accra


Ghana, once the pride of the citizenry, is gradually becoming a hazardous place to live. The President himself is himself a source of controversy, water is supplied in tots and dum-so dum-so dominates power distribution in homes. Living in Ghana,  could not be more  stressful.

That is why the defeat of the senior national soccer team, the Black Stars, the only source of pride to a demoralized people, by a Burkina Faso side ranked over 60 steps  below Ghana on the Federation of International Football Association’s rating, is proving too hard to accept.

Yesterday, radio and television broadcast the ceremony marking President John Dramani Mahama’s move to the most flamboyant piggery or poultry farm on the earth,  depending on the views of which official of the ruling National Democratic Congress on Jubilee House that one would like to cite.

To add insult to injury, barely a week before the Presidential occupation of Jubilee House, the new Minister of Information, Mahama Ayariga, (I am  told he is a blood relation of the manufacturer of Ayaricough), had demonstrated that old habits die hard and that propaganda is very much alive in the building a Better Ghana on the concept of hot air and more propaganda.

It is such a complex mix of misfortune that it is difficult to know where to begin and where to end. Since the subject of Ayariga and his new ministry has been introduced, I suppose it would blend well  with the encounter with the Parliamentary press corps and the attempt at a denial that went so horribly wrong.

.Just before the announcement came that the President was finally moving into what those who conceived the idea referred to as Jubilee House, the media was treated to a comedy on a book launch and a “fantastic dinner party” at an address in Manhattan, the up market residential area in the Big Apple where both husband and wife are both males.

It is not the sumptuous nature of the dish that is the subject of controversy. Neither is it the description in ‘My First Coup D’etat’ that is the source of the problem. It is the naked attempt at denying the obvious that has raised the political temperature.

Once upon a regime, a new manual was introduced at Government House, where two people spoke for the President. As Mahama  Ayariga and Koku Anyidoho battled for supremacy, the younger Ayariga lost out and was posted to the Education Ministry to play second fiddle to the minister.

When John, the new kid on the block, who advertised himself on the campaign trail,  as the first post-independent born to be Head of State of the republic,  took charge with similarity in name, Mr. Ayariga was withdrawn from the Education portfolio to head the Information Ministry apparently becoming the Spokesman for the new Head of State, in the process.

When the rumour mills began churning out information suggesting that the President’s decision to appoint Nana Oye Lithur, a human rights campaigner know for his soft views on homo sexual activists, might have been influence by the President’s association with Andrew Solomon, author of  Noonday Demon and  a character world-famous  for leading a powerful international lobby for gay rights. Incidentally,  Andrew is himself married to a man.

With all these universally known facts, the Honourable Minister of Information felt obliged to sell a fiction to Ghanaians that the Head of State never knew Mr. Solomon until his book ;launch in New York.

Mr. Ayariga summoned the Parliamentary press corps and got them to inform the hapless people of Ghana that President Mahama had never known the gay activist before the launch of his book.

To buttress his point, Mr. Ayariga told the media that the presence of Mr. Solomon at the launch was purely accidental. Apparently, there are a number of Ghanaians,  who had read the President’s book. A caller reached a radio station and stated clearly that the President himself had acknowledged the rich  contributions  of Mr. Andrew Solomom in his book. Following this exposure, Mr. Ayariga hat to eat back his own words.

For the uninformed, President Mahama acknowledged the contribution of the gay activist in these words: “US National Book Award winner Andrew Solomon, for also providing a gracious advance quote. Andrew was also quite generous with his referrals and other literary resources. I will always remember the fantastic dinner party Andrew hosted for me in his Manhattan  home that set the ball rolling.”

Now,  this is what I believe should be a source of worry to hard-up Ghanaians. If the President of the Republic attended a dinner party in his honour at the residence of a known homo-sexual, there is cause for Ghanaians about the safety of our value-system.

The good people of Ghana have a right to know why the President of the Republic would mingle with people practicing  homo sexualism. I would want to know whether the President of the Republic of Ghana was introduced to Mr. John Habisch, husband of Mr. Andrew Solomon at the dinner at the couple’s Manhattan home.

I do not buy into the explanation that the whole thing happened at the blind side of President Mahama. who was Vice-President at the time. It is a known practice that before a Vice-President would attend a function anywhere, state security would have done a background check on the personalities’  involved.

I am told Mr. Solomon, who was instrumental in putting the book together and co-ordinated the launch in New York, bought a copy of the book for $20,000. I am not worried about his role in the launch of ‘My First Coup D’etat. I am worried  stiff if as a result of the events surrounding the book and its launch,  our value system is being undermined.

There is the perception out there that the events leading to the appointment of Nana Oye Lithur to head the new Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection,  may not be unconnected to the activities of Mr. Solomon and his powerful gay lobby in the United States.

I am of the opinion that the people of Ghana deserve a proper explanation from the President and his advisers on this issue. This society cannot embrace homo-sexuality by the back door.

Writing about back-door dealings,  reminds me of yesterday’s function at the Jubilee House marking the official  work-place by  the President of the Republic of Ghana. When the Jubilee House was constructed by the Kufuor administration to House Government House and the President, with generous assistance from the India,  top NDC officials described the $70 million facility,  as a misplaced priority at a time poverty was endemic in many parts of the country.

There were pronouncements from various quarters of the party to turn the facility into a poultry farm or a piggery. After ex-President Kufuor had conducted deceased Prof. John Evans Atta Mills round after the NDC had won the 2008 Presidential and Legislative elections, the former university don refused to use the facilities the edifice offers.

From his residence in Accra, Mr. Kwadwo Mpiani, Chief of Staff when the edifice was constructed expfressed his happiness that at long last,  the NDC had deemed it prudent to put the facility to the use for which it was constructed. “It teaches us a lesson as a nation,  that we should look at things with a broader view,” Mpiana advised.

Yesterday, Ghanaians were united in grief over the defeat of the famed Black Stars, the source of pride to most Ghanaians in an era when nothing seemed to work.

Apart from the fact that the defeat at the hands of the Stallions of Burkina Faso prolongs the 31- year wait for the return of the African Cup of Nations, the performance of the players do not give any hope for the team’s participation in the 2014 World Cup.

I am afraid, our woes are not yet over!

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