Former judge moves into education

… Establishes modern Educational Complex in Sunyani

From Michael Boateng, Sunyani

The front view of the Wise Educational Complex

A former Circuit Court Judge and Proprietor of Wise Educational Complex in Sunyani, Mr. Williwise Anthony Kyeremeh, has appealed to the government to put in place adequate mechanisms to ensure that private schools easily access text books meant for Ghana schools.

He noted that though the government has the mandate to seek the welfare of public schools, the contributions of private schools in providing quality education for national development, places yet another burden on the state, to regularly and adequately assist private educational institutions.

The proprietor of Wise Educational Complex, one of the fastest-growing and finest private schools in the country, was granting audience to a section of the press in Sunyani, as the school feverishly prepares to celebrate its fourth anniversary on December 17, 2010.

“The time has come for government to adequately assist private educational institutions, because they have over the years provided quality human resources for national development,” he said.

Williwise said the Wise Educational Complex, which was started in 2006, has the objective of developing quality human resources to enhance the development of the country.

Without doubt, the school’s strongest mark is its ability to marry sophistication with academic excellence, which would eventually produce the needed human resource for the nation.

The school has also created the platform for parents who do not have the means to educate their children, to do so through the institution of flexible payment plans, and the provision of full scholarships for the very less privileged in society.

Currently, 25 pupils of the school are benefiting from the scholarship instituted by the proprietor, while free school uniforms are provided for all pupils every academic year. The proprietor also occasionally buys books for the pupils.

Williwise urged parents and guardians to invest in the education of their children and wards, since education is the key to accelerated national development.

“Parents and guardians must understand that investing in children’s education is the best legacy they can leave behind, and that results of educational investments are everlasting,” he said.

He noted that because knowledge is power, and that the pen is mightier than the sword, parents must never find any excuse to deny children the right to quality education.

He pointed out that when he resigned from the bench in 2004, he decided to establish the school to, first, contribute to the provision of quality education, as well as assist the Sunyani community where he grew up.

“I have all along haboured the desire to establish a school, so when I resigned from the bench, I saw it as the opportune time to realise that dream, and so it was two years later,” he said.

He said the Wise Educational Complex, which started with thirteen pupils and four staff members, now has nearly 1,000 pupils, while management has acquired a six-acre land at Penkwase, a suburb of Sunyani, to construct the school’s permanent ultra modern facilities, from the Crèche to the Senior High school level.

“I have the ambition of establishing a very good private Senior High School in Sunyani to save parents the trouble of cris-crossing the country to seek admission for their children every year,” he said.

The Wise Educational Complex, located at Nkwabeng, has a serene environment, modern library, computer laboratory, kitchen, recreational center, and a fleet of neat school buses to ensure that pupils learn without any difficulties.

Pix: (top) The front view of the Wise Educational Complex

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