FIFA has spoken!

At long last, the Federation Internationale de Football Associations (FIFA) has spoken. According to the world governing body on football, it never asked the President of the Republic of Ghana to institute the measures that landed the President of the Ghana Football Association (GFA), Kwasi Nyantakyi, and other officers running football on behalf of the state, before the Serious Fraud Office (SFO).

As some of us had intimated all along, FIFA said in its letter to the GFA that it merely gave the President of the Republic permission to demand accountability, in respect of monies advanced by the state towards the eight national football teams in Ghana.

The Chronicle is delighted by this clarification. It is sad to state that a number of National Democratic Congress (NDC) sympathisers, including those who should know BETTER, had previously trumpeted the notion that because the GFA is a limited liability company registered in Ghana, the state had a right to interfere in every aspect of its operations.

As the FIFA letter clearly states, the government should kindly get off the back of football administration, and allow the GFA to take football in this county to even greater heights. Quarter-finalists in the Senior World Cup in South Africa, and reigning champions of the world at the Under 20 level, Ghana can lead Africa to challenge the likes of Southern American and European giants for supremacy in football. But we need to administer the game without Big Brother breathing down on the necks of those running the game.

The Chronicle would like to believe too, that those administering the game on behalf of the entire people of this country, would develop thick skin that would make it possible to repel any interference from those who think that because of their occupation of Government House, they could have a finger in every pie.

The Chronicle is also happy that FIFA has put the records straight. In the administration of football, no one, not even the President of the Republic, has a right to dictate to those with the mandate of the football fraternity to run the game.

We hope the FIFA letter would kick to touch the idea of government representation on the Public Interest Committee and the various national teams. We are of the view that Minister of Sports, Akua Sena Dansua would impress upon those hiding under the power of government to undermine everybody, to leave the GFA alone.

We have reached a stage in our game when we must give the administrators of the game the right to achieve more for the nation. Ghana soccer is on the threshold of a major break-through. Let us give the administrators a free hand to lead us to the Promised Land!

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