Family awaits suspected ‘fugitive’ …as uncle pleads for his return

The family of 35 year old Sulemana Atubiga in Funkoe, a fishing community near Takoradi, who escaped being lynched by residents of the area on suspicion of the death of a native, says they still do not know the whereabouts of the suspected ‘fugitive’.
A family member, Moro Atubiga, who walked up to the offices of this paper, said that six years after their son (Sulemana Atubiga) was wrongly accused of having a hand in the death of a native of the area over a disputed parcel of land, they have no idea where their son fled to, though it turned out that the suspect had nothing to do with death of the said native.
It would be recalled that the body of a native, believed to come from Funkoe, was found on a disputed ten acreage parcel of land way back in 2008.
The body of the deceased, which was found on the disputed parcel of land, heightened tension in the community, between the family of the fugitive on one hand, and the community on the other.
Considering the dispute over the ten acreage parcel of land, which the Atubiga family were claiming ownership of, the sudden death of the native heightened suspicion that the fugitive had hand in it, since he was the one fighting for ownership of the land.
Fearing being lynched, Sulemana Atubiga ran away to escape the wrath of the community.
It is not known where the fugitive is six years after the incident.
But the family still believes their son was innocent of the allegation.
Moro Atubiga, an uncle of the fugitive, told this file that they were looking forward to reuniting with their son.
This is because, it turned out that the body found on the disputed land may have been a trap to deny his family ownership of the ten acreage land left behind by the late father of Sulemana Atubiga.

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